Sand Boarding at Culili Pt Ilocos Norte

by - Sunday, December 31, 2017

One of my bucketlist is to try sand boarding and riding a 4x4. Both ticked off during our visit at Ilocos Norte last October 2017.  I know these two adventure will be fun and I my expectation did not disappoint me. Both riding 4x4 and sand boarding is really something everyone should try! 

I suggest that you should try this with your Family or Friends. Something you will cherish forever and proudly will tell everyone that you have tried this at least once in your life.

The first part of the trip is riding a 4x4 and going over the sand dunes. I will tell you, this is not for the faint hearted. Its an adventure for those who seek extreme sports. Its like riding a roller coaster without any safety gear. All you need to do is take tight grip on any part of the 4x4. HAHA!

I really love and my favorite part is where the wheel goes from the highest part of the sand dunes going down. I swear the feeling is unexplainable! I really wanted to do it and experience over and over again.

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After some adrenaline rush. The 4x4 will stop at some point for you take a photo with the wheel together with your friends. Take this time to take badass photos. So we did. Pang profile pictures besh.

Me and my friends had a great time and eat so much of our time on taking photos. HAHA!

Sand boarding at Culili Pt is 2500 per ride. 500 each for group of five. The rate includes the adrenaline rush over sand dunes and unlimited sand boarding.

More photos below!!!

My adrenaline rush sand boarding and 4x4 experience at Culili Pt in Ilocos Norte is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.

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