Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

by - Monday, December 25, 2017

Batangas is one of the many provinces in Philippines that is rich in beach, be it white sand or gray sand. It is actually my mom's hometown so that explains my love for the place. That to say, I happened to meet my bestfriend from college that lives there. It is our goal to discover and tour the beauty Batangas has to offer.

I research different beaches where you can enjoy and have fun and be adventurous and be thrifty all at once. Well, I am that kind of researcher because I found one!

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Tingloy is one of the provinces of Batangas, according to wiki "The name "Tingloy" was according to legend, derived from a plant of almost the same name. Nowhere in the whole Island could one find now in abundance the plant called "tinghoy".

The first people to inhabit the Island almost a century age today came from Taal and Bauan presumably to escape the brutalities perpetrated by the Spanish "conquistadors". They came in family groups and finding the place a real haven, settled down in definite areas later to prove themselves to be the nuclei of the various barrios now comprising the created political subdivision"

Tingloy comprises of different island and minor islets. One of those is Masasa Beach. I've been to this beach twice already and in span of just a year many has changed as per my friends who just recently visited the place.

This post will take you to the old Masasa Beach where most likely we are one of the first who visited the place. During my two visits, no nipa huts was readily available, no resorts or the like, only homestays and bring your own tent accommodation only. And on both my visits, the first one me and my bestfriend Jec are the only campers that time, the beach is all for ourselves only, second was like three groups only.

To get to Tingloy one must transfer to public boat at Anilao, Batangas (not sure if one can rent a private boat going there). Once docked, you need to ride a tricycle to take you to the jump off going to the beach. From there you will walk about an hour and will pass by a rice fields and tadah you'll see the beach already.

According to my friends there are a lot of different accommodations that's being offered at Masasa Beach and tents are not allowed overnight only for day trips only.

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