Naked Island in Siargao

by - Friday, December 08, 2017

This island was not named as Naked for no reason. Seeing the island from afar gives you the idea why this island was called as such. There are no trees, no shed, no everything. Just the open white sand. Though upon arriving at the island there is a small bench are but can't fit so much people in there.

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We started so late that we arrive around 11 am in the island. The heat of the sun is at its peak that time but we don't mind it. We took lots of photos and enjoy the island and swim a little bit. There are mainly two groups that time, maybe because they started early so they will not be caught up on the sun's scourging heat at noon time.

Naked Island is perfect for photo ops. The open white sand is so picturesque. It's like you are in a secluded island out in the middle of the ocean.  For complete travel guide on how to get to Naked Island click here -- >

More photos of the amazing white Naked Island below :)


- Start your island hopping as early as you can. Usually Naked Island is the first stop on the three island hopping. The heat is as bad as you can imagine.
- Put sunblock on regardless what time you will start. The heat is no joke, its fun sunbathing but the risk of skin cancer is a no-no. And please use reef safe sunblock.
- Bring lots of water. The heat of the sun will drain you.

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