Loboc River: Floating Restaurant Cruise

by - Friday, December 22, 2017

Whenever I travel food is not really on my list. Not that I am not fond of any food but I have my personal reasons. But learning about this floating restaurant cruise in Bohol is tempting. So I figure that I should at least try it once in a while and so I did.

Bohol is the very first province that I went to alone. Yep, my first ever solo travel and it is quite one of the provinces that I visited many destinations and had the most first unforgettable experience and that includes dining in at a floating restaurant cruise.

Looking back I should have crossed out either this cruise or the stand-up paddle I did during this trip. Why? Because both are for admiring the Loboc River. But also after that it makes me realize that I did just the right thing by doing both. The Cruise and the stand-up paddle gave just different experience and if I will go back I will still do the same.

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Honestly what makes this cruise special is that you get to see the beauty of Loboc River while enjoying a sumptuous meal. Its a great experience with your special someone, friends, and families. But as for me, I enjoyed it alone. HAHA!

The price per person is economically accepted, given you will be riding a motor boat, enjoying the view with loads of food. So for me,  spending 450 pesos is not bad.

After some time, there will be stops where locals get to serenade cruisers and you can also jam with them if you like. They'll do traditional dance and play ukulele and sings at the same time.

Reservations is not necessary but if you want to be sure or you happen to visit Loboc during peak season you may want to take a quick trip and make a reservation. They are not hard to find, they are situated right beside the bridge in front of the Loboc ruins.

Rates are of course way way long ago. Posting it just now because I really have too many backlogs that I want to share.

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