Chasing Mountains: Mt. Maculot

by - Saturday, December 23, 2017

Probably my favorite mountain in Batangas next to Mt. Batulao. Mt. Maculot has been a top of favorite of trail seekers and newbies alike. Probably because of the highlight of the mountain: the rockies. The view on the rockies will forever mesmerize everyone who climbs it. And I'll assure you climbing it for so many times will always gives you that feeling.

My first climb on Maculot was during weekdays. Yes, I'm a fan of climbing mountain during weekdays to avoid flocks of people during weekends especially when hiking has been on its highest and mass climb was at its peak too.

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Good thing about weekdays is that, the mountain is all for yourself and you may take your time climbing and staying at the rockies for as long as you want, like of course, taking so much photos.

Why Mt. Maculot is perfect for beginners? The trail is relatively easy given the elevation of 947 masl, it is an easy climb though mostly ascent. But every stop there are store that sells drinks like softdrinks and buko juice and some snacks with benches where climbers may take their rest.

If you are planning to climb Mt. Maculot on Saturday or Sunday, I suggest going there as early as you can because The Rockies is always full and may eat up your entire day waiting for the line or your turn to take a photo. Others are not climbing the summit anymore, I don't see the point in here, because clearly, the rockies is not the summit. But for them since they was able to experienced the rockies they opt not to summit anymore. You may start climbing as early as three in the morning and guides are required. You may also do camping, there are areas that are designated for campers.

Photos during weekends:

Fun photos at the summit during weekdays!

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