Chocolate Hills of Bohol

by - Thursday, December 21, 2017

Planning this trip I know what I want to do and how I want to see the famous chocolate hills, and that is to do the bike zip line. Well, given the mishaps most of you already know, I'd like to add this one on my list.

Of course you wanna know why or not or whatever but I'm gonna tell anyway. Bohol is my first ever solo travel and I plan every details of the trip or so I know. Though this is my first trip and no experience on any solo travel I really wanted this to be do-it-yourself and just explore the place on my own terms. That includes not renting any private vehicles. Aside from it is costly, I always want a trip where I can really be involve and get to know the locals and how they live their life in such a place.

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Like any other provinces in the country (though, I learned this after so many solo travels) that public transportation is limited. There are certain time interval before the next one will arrive so if you missed it, oh, the experience there is is about to happen.

On my part, of course, I did asked at the reception where I stayed in Loboc, Loboc is my first stop on my Bohol trip since its much accessible to many other spots to that side of the province and of them is the famous Chocolate Hills.

After learning how to get there, I gathered all important things I'll be bringing and head to this hills. The cheapest way to get there is by riding an ordinary bus. I just forgot the fare but it is much lesser. Just don't forget to inform the kundoktor where you are heading so he may drop you there.

I did of course inform him of where I am heading but I did not know that this certain bike zip line is in different stop and not exactly where tourists flocks to see and admire these hundreds of hills. So yeah, I for the first time and I guess first of so many, alighted at the wrong stop. (Not really wrong, because it is where you may see the chocolate hills, wrong because it is not where I intend it to be).

I just realize it when I reached the viewing point and at the top saw the zip lines where and I know I'm at the wrong place. Didn't bother to transfer because I already get to see what I came there for and I have limited time that noon that I need to visit some other spots too.

Anyway, Chocolate Hills is wonderful! I really can;t believe I am seeing them face to face, those hills that I am only seeing on postcards back in the days. You really should include this on your bucketlist!

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