Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waiting For My Spiderman

Slight DIY Budget Trip - Anawangin, Zambales

So here's my follow-up post of our Zambales trip. It is a slight DIY budget trip since we look for someone who will accommodate us beforehand concerning our boat ride, tents, food, utensils, and other possible activities to be done there.

And the usual, I'm in charge of locating and arranging our trip. I believe there is nothing that you can't find on google. haha! Whenever I have questions or things I wanna know I googled it, I know I'm not the only one. It offers a lot of results of what you are looking for.

Zambales DIY trip. There are a lot of results with this search and very helpful of course. But as I have noticed, mostly they offer a minimum of 12 pax and cost too much if you're less than that number. As for us, we're only 4 who will have the trip.

Zambales DIY trip is not really costly. If you want to enjoy the sun and beach and the sea and its boat ride on a tight budget, Anawangin Zambales is one of the choices. Cheap it is. As I'm doing a research on who can help us with this trip I came across this facebook page who happens to offer different packages and deals at Zambales. For a first timer, I believe it's cheaper with them.

For transportation:
We get in touch with Victory Liner. You can check their schedules here  Trip to Iba, Zambales cost around 350 and the bus leaves as early as 5:30 am. Since we will came from far place(bulacan) we decided to take the 5:30am ride. We arrive at Iba, Zambales at around 11 am. From there, we take a trike ride courtesy of the one we contacted and is included on the package we take.

When going home. Our contact who also manage van transfers offer it to us. This one specific group will take the van but the back seats are still available. The drop off will be at GMA Kamuning, its just a one bus ride away from us and since it will not be hassle for us to ride a bus we take it. Its just I forgot how much we pay for it but I'm pretty sure its almost 400 pesos.

For the Island:
Each of us contributed 600 pesos. This includes transportation from town proper to pundakit, boat transfer from port to anawangin island, boat tour to capones or camara island, lighthouse trekking, 2days 1 night stay in anawangin, entrance fee, tent (good for 4), snorkeling, cooking utensils,charcoal, cooler with ice, mineral water 5 gallons, bonfire woods 1 set and kitchen utensils.

We think we got it cheap, in a manner that we will not be bringing those specially the cooler and mineral water and cooking utensils all the way from Bulacan, since we don't have a private car to cover for it.

1350 Pesos

Of course there are other expenses but if you have 1,500 it will do just fine.

ps. I'm so sorry if I can't provide the contact person, I misplaced the number but I will do my best to look for it.



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