Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sassyflairies On The Go

did you know that I do enjoy diys and crafty things? I do follow a lot of that kind of blogs here. Anyway, my online shop is very active these days since I need money to cover my expenses and I don't want to ask for more to my parents for my out of town trip or new clothes I am so eager to sell and be active on my shop. Before I was engage to clothes but now my shop is very active on selling accessories like bracelets in chains or nautical and necklaces in chains and chokers. These accessories are all handmade by me. And I sell these on very cheap price. Enough for me to make a livingg while I'm unemployed. I'll show you some of those accessories and you might want to buy one or you knew some friends who might be interested to buy one hope you can refer me. :)


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