Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stressed And Depressed

I've mention from my previous post that I am deeply stressed and depressed for all the things happening to me. I mean it all adds up and I can't help but buy stuff, idk, just to make me feel better? It keeps me happy though. Anyway, still looking at the bright side here.

And I just want to let everyone know that, finally! after almost 2 months of searching for a job I finally got hired last Friday and will be starting tomorrow, Monday, and will be a full time office girl. I am very excited at the same time terrified, actually its more of a mix emotion because this is really is it. I'm entering a new world a new adventure a new phase a new beginning. I just wanna thank the Lord for everything, for granting my long prayer and I just want to thank you all specially those who prays with me for this.

I maybe MIA for quite some time and will be soon though I will take some time after my office time to read your posts.

Have a great week ahead guys!




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