Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Going To Crystal Beach

by - Thursday, January 19, 2017


First, it is not a white beach that most of us thought. Seeing all the photos over internet I really thought that this beach is as white as those in the photos I saw. Okay, I know some would say, it's in Zambales what do you expect? Again, this blog post is just about what I have witnessed face to face. I mean, let's admit it, we've used filters more than it is needed that the place became so different in personal.

But we also have to take into account those who uses high quality camera and good photographers that turn every places into magical one. Or some just happened to have a good quality camera, I think I fall on latter. K.

Please bear in mind that I used Fujifilm XA2 in advance settings in taking all of the photos here.
I am not saying that Crystal Beach is not great its just that I based my expectation from what I saw online.

Okay, let's move on from this. Overall I enjoyed my short stay here. The place is great and chill.

Here's a travel guide going to Crystal Beach Resort

How to go there?

Option 1

If you are coming from Manila, ride a bus going to Iba, Zambales and alight at San Narciso. Make sure to inform the ticketing employee that you are going to San Narciso. Fare is a lot much higher if you will not mention you are heading to San Narciso only. Fare is 270. Travel time may take up to 4 hrs.

Victory liner has a regular trip to Iba, Zambales. Please check their site for updated time of the trip. But as of January 2017, first trip is 5:00 AM.

From San Narciso, there's a tricycle terminal in front of the Church and tell the driver you are heading to Crystal Beach. Fare is 20 pesos each. Travel time may take up to 10-15mins.

Option 2

If you want to arrive in Zambales as early as sunrise you may do so. Its just you have to cut trip.

From Manila, ride a bus going to Olongapo, fare is 212 (victory liner) travel time is 2 and half hours, from Olongapo catch a bustrip to Iba or San Pedro and tell the kundoktor you are alighting at San Narciso. Fare is 53 pesos. Travel time is almost an hour.

Victory liner has a regular trip to Olongapo. Please check their site for updated time of the trip. But as of January 2017, first trip is 1:00 AM. Then 3 AM. We take the 3am trip.

From San Narciso, there's a tricycle terminal in front of the Church and tell the driver you are heading to Crystal Beach. Fare is 20 pesos each. Travel time may take up to 10-15mins.

We did Option 2.

Terminal of tricycle

Accommodation and Entrance Fee

Best option is to bring your own tent and pitch on their camp site. If you have your own tent 1 pax is 550php. That is inclusive of entrance and 250php consumable of foods and drinks. 

Honestly, we bring our own foods to lessen the expenses, but the 250php is forced and they call it "package" so we end up taking it anyway for we have no choice. When I messaged Crystal Beach on facebook they did not mention about this. They told me that the entrance fee is 295 if you have your own tent.

If you prefer getting a room you may do so, they have a wide range of rooms available, from fan room to airconditioned. Rate ranges from 1,700 php to 11,250. It will depend on the number of pax and all of the room accommodation are inclusive of breakfast.

Outside the resort, there is store that offers a tent for rent, I just don't know the price.

The only photo I did manage to take. Pardon :P

Inclusive of entrance fee for the room capacity.

Day Trip?

Possible. Day entrance fee is 195 per person. Picnic hut by the beach is 500 php good for 6 persons.

the nipa huts in the morning

nipa huts photo taken at night

Activities Offered 

  • Surf lessons by Quicksilver Surf School
- 400 php/hour/person inclusive of board and instructor's fee.
- 200 php/hour for board rentals only

Too bad during our stay they are on maintenance? So my friend wasn't able to try surfing. You may rent a board but that is if you used to surf before and doesn't need any instructor. I could surf myself but since my friend will end up just watching me and I don't want that so we just chill in the beach instead.

  • Island Hopping to Capones and Camara Island, Anawangin Cove - you may ask the help desk for the quotation of price

  • Waterfalls Tour - 
you may ask the help desk for the quotation of price

  • Body Massage - 400php/hour

  • Ball Games - Volleyball, Basketball, Billiards, and Pingpong
                          - 100php/hour/game
                          - 100php/equipment(deposit)

  • Bonfire

  • Kayak - 250php/hour

Where to Eat?

They have a restaurant and a mini store that offers rice meal, sandwiches, pasta, shakes and all. You may also bring foods inside and if you want to bring something to grill you may do so.They have grilling part and you may purchase ice and charcoals inside too.

you should try their calamansi shake its superb!


you may bring your own food like we did. :)

Contact Person

For more information and reservations, please call at 09175452791/09338509144 or you may visit their website at 


Yep. It's Allowed.

One of the guest's pet


Yep. They have parking lot inside.


Yep, they've got it all covered too.

Is it Safe?

As per the receptionist, cases of theft has been reported especially on Kampsite 2. So make sure to take care of your belongings. Honestly, when we heard this, we were like, oh okay what now. Just to make sure, bring your stuff everywhere.

Did we lost anything during our stay? Yeah. But no biggie. As I've mentioned above we bring foods, that includes a whole loaf bread and tuna spread that I made during our stay in the resort. We left the bag of foods outside the tent because we don't want any ants going inside our tent if ever they decided to invade our left-overs. When we were packing up I realized that the tupperware where we mix the tuna spread is missing. It is when we were eating in Pampanga that I realized that the half of loaf bread has gone missing too. No biggie, maybe they are that hungry and we would love to share anyway.

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  1. Ano po yung food na worth 250?

    1. anything you want po that is available on their restaurant and other tindahan. pag kulang, like more than 250 yung orderin niyo, you can add na lang :)

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