Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba Traverse to 8 Wonder Falls

by - Sunday, July 24, 2016


Earlier this year I set a goal for my climbing activities and part of it is to do a traverse and twin hike. Been posting my planned climb on my facebook account and to my surprise most of my high-school batch-mates wants to try this outdoor activity and asked me if they can join me on one of my hike. Heck, Yes! Of course! Since its their first time to do hiking I select a mountain for beginner and near our place (Bulacan) but with a twist. I want them to experience what it feels like hiking and for them to crave for more hike.

I've been reading and seeing post about this newly opened tramping ground in Tanay, Rizal last March 2016. The Maynoba Circuit will surely be part of the bucket list of mountaineers out there as we are too.

Climbing Maynoba Circuit entails climbing both Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Cayabu and a chance to see and take a dip on an 8 water falls while descending back to jump off.

I suggested this mountains to them and send them photos at our group chat to give them some hype. For this climb to be more memorable I told them that aside from climbing two mountains on a dayhike and seeing 8 waterfalls we can also witness a sea of clouds if we leave at midnight and start our trek at dawn. Everyone gets excited even more.

Let the DIY hike begins!

On the night of June 28, 2016, together with my eight batch mates we left Bulacan and head to Tanay Rizal. My friend, Julius, suggests on using his car for it will be a hassle if we commute at night/dawn. Good thing though because I just learned that there is no trip to Tanay during those hours.

It was a long ride. We left at around 12:30am and we arrive at Tanay Rizal at around 3am. To tell you honestly, we don’t have any proper arrangement with the guides from Maynoba. I’ve tried texting them the previous days but no response, based on what I’ve read there is no signal on that place so the chance of contacting them is low. Good thing, when we arrive, there are three locals that was stationed there during that time. As we go along, I asked them if there are guides on stand-by and they said YES! They’ve anticipated hikers like us who goes without notice (well not at all for us). But it was all good. They are very hospitable and approachable.

After some briefing they’ve assigned two guides for us for nine hikers, one a lead and a sweeper. At around 3:30 am we start our ascent.

It was my first time to try a night trek. According to the locals, trek on this hour is consider as night trek thus when it comes to payment for guides. Night trek is more complicated than the day hike. I mean, if you’re using a flashlight and not a head lamp esp on steep trail. Complicated in a way that you have limited source of lighting so extra carefulness is necessary. As for my group, only two of us who’s been hiking regularly and the rest are just firs-timers.

Good thing though about night trek is that its not as hot as the day hike. Though you will perspire a lot but its all good because the weather is still cool. The reason why we did a night trek is because I really wanted to see a sea of clouds. I opened this to them and they happily agreed to my proposal. So it’s a win-win situation. :P

By 4:30 am we reached the summit of Mt. Cayabu. Yep, 1hr only. We rest for about 20 minutes, ate some, drink some, laugh hard, take some photos, and then off we go to our next mountain, the Mt. Maynoba.


The trail to Mt. Maynoba requires a bit descent of course and an assault of your life. HAHA! I know some of my friends find it hard but I know they enjoyed it especially when it’s about to sunrise!


Actually, it will only take like 30 minutes to reach the first peak of Mt. Maynoba, but since we took time to take pictures while ascending it took us about an hour to reach the first peak.


I really thought that this peak is the summit. HAHA! There are two more, pala! Anyway, we rest here for almost an hour and half. Eat our breakfast and picture time, loads of picture!


 We didn’t notice the time and we actually thought that we are going to the falls already, little did we know that there are still two more peaks. Let the ascent start once more.

More photos to next peak

Finally after reaching the summit we head to the falls and stop by at the water source because we ran out of water already. The descent is grassland and the sun is on its peak given its just 7 in the morning only. But we are excited and at the same time exhausted and ready to take a dip on the falls.

It took us about 40 minutes to reach the first wonder falls. It was around 8:25 am and it feels like 4 pm already! We are that tired. Not all of us dip into the water because there are still 7 remaining. And as per the guide there is this falls that is suit for swimming, so instead of going into remaining 7 we go straight to that falls, skipping all the other falls.

The first falls: Natatagong Paraiso Falls

The second and last falls we visited. We didn't finish all because majority of us are exhausted and starving.

4th Falls: May Gugulong Na Bato Falls


After a quick dip and having enough rest we decided to descent. It was around 11 when we reached the drop off.

Mt. Maynoba + Mt. Cayabu + 8 waterfalls
Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
Jump off point: Mar-ning's Farm and Resort, Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
Minor Climb: 3/9
Highlights: Panoramic view of the other peaks in the Sierra Madre; 8 water falls; bouldering; river crossings.

How to get there

Via Public Vehicle
At Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo 2, from Cogeo 2, ride a jeepney going to Batangasan/Batangas (Sampaloc Tanay), from Batangasan, ride a tricycle going to Marning's Farm and Resort the jump off point to Maynoba Circuit.
**I really don't know much about the fare price since we're in a private vehicle

Via Private Vehicle
Take aurora blvd east bound straight to Marcos Highway. You will pass by Sta. Lucia Grand Mall, Masinag, and Cogeo. Then after cogeo you will pass by Palo Alto and Garden Cottages. After Kilometer Post 51, the Welcome Arch to Barangay San Andres is on the other side of the road. Then just follow the road all the way you to Brgy. San Andres. Then the road will turn from concrete to rough. After Brgy. San Andres comes Brgy. Sto. Niño. Once you encounter the fork in the road, take the left side which is upper road. The next barangay would be Brgy. Cayabu. There's a school on the left side which is Cayabu Elementary School and the Cayabu Barangay Hall until you reach the small concrete bridge. Mar-ning's Farm and Resort is located on the left side of the road.

Sample Itinerary for Sea of Clouds

0300 : Arrival at Marnings Farm and Resort, Preparation and Briefing
0330 : Start ascent
0430 : Cayabu Summit, Rest
0500 : Start the trail going to Maynoba
0600 : First Peak of Mt Maynoba / Sea of Clouds and Sunrise Viewing / Photo Ops / Breakfast
0700 : Start descent again to Maynoba's Summit (with the flag)
0720 : Arrival at Mt Maynoba's Summit with flag / Photo Ops
0735 : Arrival at Mt Maynoba Summit with boulders (true summit as per our guide)
0745 : Arrival at Kawayan Watersource
0825 : Arrival at first water falls
1030 : Descent back to jump off
1130 : Back at Marnings Farm and Resort

Guide Fee:
Guide is required. 500 for day hike for 5 persons. As for us, its 1500 (it was considered as night trek as per the guide and we have two guides) for 9 person. 750 for 5 persons on a night hike. As of June 2016.

Registration Fee:
40 each as of June 2016.

Contact Person
Ronald Africano VP Guide

I'm organizing events: Climb and Beach and any other Adventure activities. Please visit my facebook page for the scheduled events or you can hire me to organize a climb or beach outing for you and your friends and family.

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  1. Beautiful photos! it looks like an amazing place <3 Thanks for sharing.

    xo Azu

  2. These are some amazing views... just wow... I would cool off under the falls too... what a beautiful place xox

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  4. Hi do you have any contact to the local guides or LGUs or would be okay to just go there at the same time without any prior communication?

    1. hi, actually, as I've mentioned, may tinext kami beforehand but sad to say no one replied to our text messages but we went anyway. I guess its okay to just go in there without notice, one officials from there told me that there are always someone who will welcome you regardless of what time you will arrive, so I guess its safe. But if you still have doubts though, you can try calling them, I just don;t know exactly what time, since signal at their place is low to none at all. :)

    2. Ronald Africano VP Guide

  5. nice adventure, meron na pala lapida si caio yung golden retriever namatay sa hike dahil sa heat stroke.

  6. Hi! So pag overnight, P750/5pax pa rin ang tour guide? Thanks! :)

  7. Ang contact nos. po sa mga guide or nagmamanage dun?

  8. Any contact nos. po ng mga guide or dun sa nagmamanage po sa place? Thanks 🙂

  9. How to get there via private car? What are the directions? We're planning to go via private car but we're afraid to get lost because we'll be leaving very early and we're assuming that there's not a lot of people on streets to ask for directions. TIA!

  10. How to get there via private car? What are the directions? We're planning to go via private car but we're afraid to get lost because we'll be leaving very early and we're assuming that there's not a lot of people on streets to ask for directions. TIA!

  11. Oh yeah I remember the dog na namatay sa heatstroke poor dog na touch ako dn sa story sa Fb.

  12. Were going there on Saturday.! Thanks for the info!!! Big help po.

  13. Hi! Safe naman po magtravel alone with the guide? Thank you po!

    1. Hello Ellie :) I have the same question w/ this anon. I am planning to have my 1st solo hike kasi and I'm thinking to do it sa Maynoba Circuit this Friday. Would it be safe na umakyat mag-isa with the guide? Hehe thanks!! 😊

    2. Hello Ellie :) I have the same question w/ this anon. I am planning to have my 1st solo hike kasi and I'm thinking to do it sa Maynoba Circuit this Friday. Would it be safe na umakyat mag-isa with the guide? Hehe thanks!! ��

    3. hi! yes po it is safe po basta with a guide :) and I suggest going there early baka sakali may sea of clouds ^^

    4. Thank you for that fast response! Really appreciate it =)) Praying for a safe hike and a sea of clouds tho. Haha. I'd love to update you, too, on Friday kung may sea of clouds at kung safe naman akong nakababa from summit HAHAHA


Thanks for the wonderful message!