Guyam Island in Siargao

by - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I really wanted to take a long swim but we need to head to our last destination and it was getting late already. They told me that out of three island the best island to swim is in Guyam Island. So my expectation is high since I really fell in love with Daku Island.

I set my expectations high because Guyam is my 3rd place out of the three island we visited. The island has so many rocks that will slightly hinder your swimming and there are so many weeds on the shore, though the sand is white and clean and all there are poops floating in the water. We believe it was caused by the small kids who goes there. Too bad their parents didn't take care much of their kinds especially this kind of situation it really ruins the water and our friends under it.

We head to the other side of the island where you can do so much photo ops with the rocky part of the island. Just be careful because the rocks are pointy and the waves will really hit you hard back to the rocks that may cause wound the same thing happen to my friend.

You may still enjoy Guyam, the poops is just my own experience and it may vary everyday. 

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More photos below!

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