Budget-Friendly Puerto Galera Escapade

by - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is actually infront of the resort. :)

I will be doing a consecutive post about our Puerto Galera Escapade. But let me first start this with our budget. I myself is not in favor of spending too much. I am that kuripot! haha! Honestly, I've been thinking this through if I'm going to join my friends or not. My friends I'll be joining? Well, I haven't seen them in ages and I met them during my college days. And they're all pretty much nagging me already for not going everytime they asked me out. I'm kuripot nga kasi! Well, I give-in though, but, with one condition, this trip should be a budget friendly and our total cost should only be at its limit of 3,000 pesos only! Let's see if I/we can pull this off!

I don't know, but everytime I have out-of-town trips or going out with my friends or party happenings I'm always behind the organizing and planning and making contacts on the possible people who can make it happen. hmmm I just realized that now! Maybe because I want to be hands-on too and know all the details and hate feeling like a robot telling me what to do when in fact I myself can bring something to the group.

Let's start with finding a resort to stay in...

To tell you the truth, I'm such a one big multitasker. You name it. I know its not a good habit but I can't help it and I don't have much time when I got home so I did the beach resort research while I'm at the office during my internship hour. Ooops! I find it hard to find one, really, what I did is read so many blogs and reviews, people who went here and there with their experience and all. Puerto Galera has too many beach resort and too many hotels to choose from, there's the all time favorite but always crowded and busy White Beach, the the night life at Sabang Beach and the quite and isolated one the Talipanan Beach.  We prefer going to Talipanan and you'll sure agree with me with my following posts. Anyway, I'm so lucky I've found this travel blog, Lakwatsera De Primera, for her wonderful blog I've found a resort where we're going to stay.

Out of the 6 resorts she mentioned only few replied and we've chosen Mengie's White Sand Beach Resort. Imagine for only 3,200 pesos only for 3 days and 2 nights stay for 5 persons? And that's on a high peak season already! Talking of a big catch here or so I think. I did canvass on others too and Mengie's has cheaper price.

Total: 3,200 pesos / 5 = 640 pesos each

Resort? Checked!

For the boat ride...

Since its my first time going there I don't know how about for their boat ride. I've read some reviews that some resort offers transfers on the island. I asked Mengie's if they offer boat transfers and they did. 680 pesos only for back and forth boat transfers. Since we don't have much time looking for another much cheaper we grab it. Boat transfers? Checked!

Total : 680 pesos

Other expenses:

For the transportation from Manila to Batangas port it costs for only 170 pesos only. Bus station at Kamias, Quezon City. The buses leaves every hour.

Total : 240 pesos

For the food, we're so lucky that Mengie's offer a very delicious meal and at very affordable price! When we arrived there its past Lunch time so we're that hungry so much. :p

Here are the prices:

What we order:

Sinigang na Baboy (good for 5) 150 pesos
Chopsuey 120 pesos
Fish 200 pesos
Coke 1.5 60 pesos
Rice 20 pesos x 5
Total: 630 / 5 = 126 pesos per person

Dinner (We visit the nearby White Beach island to experience its night life and we ate dinner there)
Sisig (its good for everyone! haha kidding, it's just its too many we didn't eat all of it) 250 pesos
Hotdog on stick 25 pesos
Rice 15 pesos
Mindoro Sling (for first timer don't leave puerto galera w/o trying this!) 350 pesos
Total: 800 pesos (since my friend is so bait he pays for the mindoro sling! haha!)
New Total: 450 / 5 = 90 pesos

Breakfast (back at mengies!)
Breakfast meal 80 pesos only

Medyo nagtitipid na kami nito, so we ordered only pancit and 1.5 coke. It costs 120 pesos and good for 5 already.

Sinigang na Baboy (again) 150 pesos
2 Pork Adobo 130 pesos
Rice 20 pesos
Total: 510 / 5 = 102 pesos per person

Just a soup only haha! For only 20 pesos only.

Food total: 418 pesos only

Adventure Time!
We avail the island hopping + fish feeding + coral reef viewing for only 700 pesos. Additional 50 pesos for the shoes that we used.
Total: 750 pesos

So that's it. Let's sum up all!

Resort : 640 pesos
Boat Transfers : 680 pesos
Transportation(Manila-Batangas Port : 240 pesos
Food : 418 pesos
Adventure Time : 750 pesos
Total : 2728 pesos only

Pasok na pasok ba sa budget? Yes it is! Actually there are other personal expenses that I won't elaborate more because its a necessity too that I need to buy. To sum it up I consume my 3,000 pesos budget for it. Pwede na ba ko budget wisey? hehe



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  1. do you have any pictures of the resort? :)

    1. I don't think we have the full photo taken of the resort. But its like an inn. I include though some shot with it on my next post. :)

  2. Great pics and sooooo yummi menu!
    Xxx babe



  3. Hey nice blog...

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin..!!

    Keep in touch,

  4. good thing i found ur blog my friends and i are planning to go to puerto this coming sat nov 30.. two thumbs up for ur budget gala.. thanks and god bless

    1. oh wow! glad you find this one helpful! wanna know about your puerto galera trip too! :) enjoy!

  5. Hi i'm planning to go to puerto galera. nakapunta na ko before way back 2009. sa White Beach.. pero I want to try your suggestion na talipanan beach. How to get there from Batanges port? dun din ba ko baba sa White beach then lakad na lang o iba ung terminal o island na babaan ko? Thanks!!

    1. Hi! From batangas port sabihin nyo lang to talipanan kayo. What happened to us kasi yung inn na din namin nagasikaso ng boat so hinanap na lang namin yung contact na binigay nya. Yung boat talaga mag stop muna sa mga beach na dadaanan lalo pag may bababa kasi last pa yung talipanan. Kaso samin pinababa kami sa white beach idk why then pinatransfer kami sa isang boat to talipanan na babalik na kasi ata for some schedule yung nasakyan namin kaya hindi na kami mahatid. We didn't pay another or addon when they transfer us.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Do you have a contact number for the resort? If you do, can you kindly email it to me? Thanks!


    Will be waiting. Thanks again!

  8. Hi, We're planning to go to Galera this month. Just a question, from the resort that you have stayed in.. how far it is from Sabang (Night life)?

  9. Amazing! Thanks for the budget tip! :D

    May I suggest, a great resort near Puerto Galera where you can check out one of the most beautiful bays in the world: Campbell's Bech Resort.

    Or visit: http://harryfozzard.com/puerto-galera-respite-urban-tangle/

    Thank you.


Thanks for the wonderful message!