Daku Island in Siargao

by - Sunday, December 10, 2017

Our second stop on our island hopping in Siargao si Daku Island. Daku Island is the place where you would take your lunch time since its the only island on the tres islas who offers paluto. You may also bring your own food and rent a nipa hut for your group.

After Naked Island we are so hungry that we decided to leave the bare island and head to Daku. Arriving at the island makes me feel so thrilled. I instantly fell in love with the island. Its a combination of Boracay and Jomalig Island. It was so pure, so white, so fine, and so quiet. Those non-surfers will definitely enjoy this destination. The coconut trees standing so tall and abundant is perfect for your photo ops or like they said "instagrammable" HAHA!

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You may also swim here. The fine sand and so clean water is really inviting. It's just that we start late that we need to leave this island soon to head to last island. But! I did not waste any time, though that day was hot, I run and take a dip and swim in the purest body water of Daku Island.

Family and friends will surely enjoy this wonderful island. During our first stay (yep, we go back the other day), there are some locals from main island that go here to relax and plays guitar and just sings. Imagine you are in an isolated and peaceful island with fresh air and guitar playing on the background? Just a fine and perfect afternoon for me. We head to them and acknowledge how good the singer is and take a photo with them.

If you are following my Siargao posts, you are aware that I stayed in Siargao more than a week. Given the time, and run out of spots to visit, and since I really fell in love with Daku I plan on going back here alone, I did invite some of the friends I met in the hostel and they all said yes! So after a few days we head back on my favorite island in Siargao.

More photos below!

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