Mt. Pico De Loro

by - Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mt. Pico De Loro is one of the first mountains I climb back in the days. Can't believe I am just posting this now and honestly I have a lot of backlogs and this one included. Anyway, pretty much forgot all about this mountain esp the rates and it might change already. But as per writing I know that the mountain is still closed for any hikers/visitors.

Mt. Pico De Loro is located in Cavite and its highlight is the monolith where one can climb it for extra adrenaline. When the mountain was still open to the public, monolith is always jampacked with people and one trip may take long for the waiting time on monolith.

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Generally speaking, this mountain is definitely good for beginners with elevation of 688 masl. The trail consists of forest trails, some uphills, and some rocks crossing. Going to the summit is easy but going down isn't. Unless you master the art of going down with small rocks falling. This is the result of too many people climbing it making the path slippery. Glad the mountain is still close. The mountain needs time to heal.

More photos below:

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  1. Missing this mountain, really. Been there twice, and gladly, was able to climb the Monolith during the second time. Good to hear it's still closed.


Thanks for the wonderful message!