Travel Guide To Taal Volcano, Batangas

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2018

If you had the chance to join me on any of my climb you know by now that I always start climbing as early as possible. Two main reason why this is always my call, first to catch a sunrise, and second, to take advantage of the time since no one starts that early. The other reasons would be, since climbing has been the activity for most lately, climbing late means crowded trails and summits, plus (this applies to dayhikeable mountains) descending late means descending under heat of the sun. Not to mention, sometimes, heat of the sun can be deadly esp during summer.

Taal Volcano is no exception to that. When I organize this climb I asked them to meet around two in the morning arriving after two hours and the people at the jump off is kind enough to assist us and let us get into the boat in the wee hours.



Getting to Taal Volcano requires a boat transfers for about 20 minutes and from there an hour trek to the crater. It doesn't require any skill, just your feet and mind and eyes ready to see something magical. The trail is definitely for the beginners, even the old ones can climb here, or if you want you can hire a horse to carry you up to the top for only 500 pesos.

During holy week, people flock here as part of their vow and pilgrim for there at station of the cross in here.

There are a lot of crows early in the morning and the sunrise is here is definitely a must see. From the crater you have an option to see what they call "red lava" for additional 50 pesos and I really suggest you must because its definitely worth it!


Guide - 500 php for the entire group
Registration - 100 php each
Boat - 2000 php 1 boat good for 7 pax
Red lava - 50 php each
Taal Reservation Contact No - 09197280514 

Still thinking twice if its worth your penny? See photos below!
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