Travel Guide: How To See Bangkok In One Day

by - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Of course you cannot see Bangkok in just a day. But, if you badly need to explore at least some parts of Bangkok make sure to explore the best it has. This travel guide will help you explore one of the finest Bangkok's landmarks.

We stayed in Thailand for only three days and with that short period of time we manage to visit Phuket, Bangkok, and Ayuttaya. But this post will focus on Bangkok.

Bangkok is one of the famous city in Southeast Asia and when one says Thailand, Bangkok definitely follows the name. I myself was so intrigued and eager to see this city and it is one on top of my list to see in Asia.

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Thorough research is important on any trip, that is, of course according and base on my experience. But of course it will vary depending on someone's point of view on this. I love researching about the place I want to visit from its location, to entrance fees, how to get there, if I can just walk myself to it from where I'll be staying to opening hours and so on. It makes a lot of difference when you are prepared for what's out there. But funny thing about this is that, whatever you searched back home it can be really different once you're there and your itinerary can be interchange and can really change in an instant when you are in the actual place.

First, I suggest staying in Bangkok. This will give you enough time and can be at the landmark's as early as possible. There are a lot of hostels and cheap accommodations in Bangkok that will suit any budget travelers or solo backpackers like me. If you still haven't had any ideas, you can always book in where I always book my hotels.

Once in Bangkok, head straight to Thonburi where the landmarks: Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Grand Palace can be seen. Wat Arun opens as early as 8:30 in the morning with 50 baht as entrance fee. Wat Pho starts receiving tourist as early as 8:00 am with entrance fee of 100 baht (with water included). Grand Palace entrance fee however is a lot more than the first two temples, with 500 baht as entrance fee, it opens at 8:30 in the morning. You may chose what to visit first but trust me you can visit these three in one day. These three has dress codes and strictly implemented that we must follow.

I list almost ten temples that we can see in Bangkok that sits almost near each other. But during our stay we manage to just visit two. I know, why just two? At first, we had a hard time locating the temple nearest to our hostel and really, we started after lunch time. We  came from our trip to Phuket and was so tired that we rest until noon. But if you can start early you may visit as much.

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- Start your tour early so you can make the most of the day and can even check-out some nearby landmarks after finishing these three
- there are a lot of restaurants in front of Wat Pho so if you got hungry over roaming around 
- aside from restaurants, there are a lot of souvenirs shops in front of Wat Pho and event near the pier station
- if you are coming from the other side you may cross the river for only 5 baht
- bring water bottle with you, the tour can be very tiring because you will do a lot of walking around. It can save you some penny instead of buying drinking water bottle
- bring some food if you want to
- follow dress codes, for women, wear long skirts or anything to cover your legs and also shoulders; temples are sacred for them
- respect the policies of each temples

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