National Museum Bohol Branch

by - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Probably one of the provinces that I visit many destination is Bohol. Not to mention my first ever solo travel is this beautiful province. Whenever I visit a province I always make it sure to at least visit a Church, a Museum, a historic spots, a nature spots, and a beach and gladly on my Bohol trip all these list were ticked off!

Getting around Bohol is relatively easy that is of course you just need the power of confidence and trust to yourself. You will not go further if you will keep everything to yourself and do it plainly just yourself, diy-ers seek information from others specially locals. Just ask! But make sure to ask people who will most likely can answer your queries, still no idea? You may want to ask local drivers, police station and of course tourism offices to help you with your travels, that way, you may discover different places not listed on the research you've made over the internet.

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This post will likely be take you to what will you see on Bohol branch's National Museum. It's always nice to list Museums on your destination wherever you will go because it will give you more ideas and information and backgrounds about the place you are visiting. It's like visiting all the different spots in that specific place in one room that will take you from the past up to the present.

So yes, I am suggesting and highly recommending to add this National Museum in Bohol and not just here but also other museums you will bump into your travels.

More photos below!

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