In Capiz - The Biggest Bell in Asia

by - Monday, January 01, 2018

Missing on my Western Visayas trip is the province of Capiz. I let that slip not because I don't want to but I have a Boracay trip up coming and I have one spare day and Capiz is just a few hours drive from Kalibo.

So, after our Boracay trip I head to Capiz the following day. I don't know what's with me and Western Visayas but the weather is always stormy when I am there alone. So yeah, there was a heavy rain again during my visit.

Based on what I've read on most entries about Capiz is that "get a tricycle to tour you around" and all. But I am diy-ers and my budget is not that much so I cling to the possibility that there are other ways getting to the destination without spending too much.

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Honestly, from all of my travels, I've met all the greediest people who knocked you off their rates, as if you you're not their countrymen, though I get it they do it for a living but to the point of lying? Oh, no. I will not tolerate such. Anyway, moving forward, luckily I've asked some vendor from Roxas City Grand Terminal on how to go the Capitol. My first stop on how to get to the biggest bell in asia. Most of the drivers and esp tricycle drivers would say the only way is to ride a tricycle up to there for 150 pesos one way. But if you will look at the map it is not that far. So roam over the terminal and viola. The lady vendor told me that you may ride a Jeepney (you may ask where the jeepney going to capitol is) and the fare is 7 pesos only. The driver will say out loud (or if not you may ask) if you are already at the Capitol.

From the Capitol walk on the right side of the main building, if you are confused you may ask locals of where the terminal going to Panay Church or Santa Monica Church is. Fare 15 pesos only. It is not a private trip you maybe waiting for other passengers but passengers are most likely to come by easily since the capitol is the place where most of them buy goods.

If you happen to visit the place you may want to check out this historical site. Bell in Panay Church is considered as the biggest bell in asia and 3rd in the world.

My trip to the biggest bell in asia in Panay Capiz last November 24, 2017 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge. Capiz is my 31st solo provinve.

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