A Quick Vist at Sarangani Provincial Captiol

by - Wednesday, January 03, 2018

As I continue my trip to the rest of Mindanao province is a fear of something I can't explain but at the same time excited and thrilled since I am doing this alone. After taking so much time in a beautiful island called Siargao, I know I need to face those provinces avoided by many.

My first stop of those is Sarangani, though I must say that Sarangani really doesn't belong to those, but I did not dig deeper over where to set foot instead of visiting their Capitol. As you can see or never heard of, Capitol on each of the provinces in Mindanao has this richness in their structure. They preserve and maintained and make it tourist-y. And for that, I know Sarangani Capitol belongs there. I never see so huge capitol in my life like this.

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You see, I have to go to the farthest side of the entire property to take a photo of their capitol but it seems not enough. That's how big it is.

Anyway, did not dare enough to go inside, just took photos outside the place for I am heading to my next destination, which is supposedly, Lake Sebu, but didn't got off at the right stop so, next stop will be Sultan Kudarat.

My trip to this huge capitol in Sarangani last September 14, 2017 is an official entry to my 81 Before 20 Challenge. Sarangani is my 19th solo province.

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