The Idea - Mindanao For 20 Days

by - Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I decided to separate my Mindanao backpacking experience on four different posts. One of course is to explain how this madness started, next is the planning stage, third is the actual trip, and lastly my realization about this trip. I already made a draft of the entire experience but it will be so much information in one post so yeah decided to post separately.

Staying for a month in Mindanao was just a thought wayback 2015. It was mentioned while conversing about the places me and my friends wanted to visit in the Philippines during one of our hikes. This conversation was between my hiking buddies: Belle and JM. Actually it was just twenty days.

I thought that if you really want to see Mindanao and if you have enough time but on limited budget, why not stay for like twenty days? I mean, we can save much in airplane's tickets if we do that and unlike Visayas, Mindanao doesn't have much sea transfer and of course backpacking is so much fun!

Part of the conversation was to learn how to ride a motorcycle because it will be much more convenient and much cheaper than to hire someone to tour you around. But I will tell you now, I never learned how to. If only there's someone to teach me how, but none, so.

I was so determined to do it because I really wanted to finish my 81 Before 30 Challenge. And visiting all the provinces in the Philippines will cross out half of the provinces in our country. By that time, I haven't finished the entire Luzon yet. Yes, sorry, may Batanes pa pala. Anyway, this idea always comes up whenever we go hike or just hang out together. As you may well know now, If you are reading my blog or if we are friends on facebook you already knew that I was the only one who made it to the actual trip.

My next post will be about the planning stage of this trip. So if anyone of you wants to do backpacking in the entire island of Mindanao, stay tuned! :) 

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