Nomad Trying To Surf In Liwliwa, Zambales

by - Saturday, June 24, 2017

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I was too stoked after my Davao Region trip last November 2016 where I learned a lot about surfing. When I got home the next weekend me and my best friend Jec head to Liwliwa in  Zambales to try the surfing spot there. It was my bf's birthday month and we haven't seen each other over a year so I am that eager to finally make this trip to happen.

The first choice is to go to Crystal beach. But we are in tight budget that time and I really don't want to bring my own tent since I brought it on my backpacking in Davao Region and my back still hurts for that. So the idea is to stay in Crystal Beach since they offer glamping as their accommodation and I really want to try that. But, since we are just inquiring two nights before and the beach got a lot of tourists every weekend their glamping accommodation are all reserved.

Because of the bad news, I immediately search for alternative place in Zambales. That's where I found out about Liwliwa. Really, Ellie? Just now? Yep! Just now. But it was all good. The first choice is The Circle Hostel. But we didn't book online or contact them ahead.

The Circle Hostel

Came Saturday and arriving at Liwliwa Zambales we learned that it is advisable to reserve online if you want to stay at The Circle Hostel especially during weekends for they have loads of guests during weekends. Can't blame them they're one of those hostel you need to try for yourself.

The receptionist at The Circle Hostel is kind enough to help us look for another accommodation. The one she refers is an airconditoned room few meters across their hostel. But I really prefer a rawness kind of accommodation that time and of course a cheaper one like that of the Circle Hostel.

We roam around the place since we arrive early morning and that we found out about this spot who manage by a siblings. Ate Donna who handles most of the transaction attend to our needs. We rent a tent to them and they set it up.

After setting it up. We change clothes and hit the beach and prepare for the wave. Jec was pretty confident that I should be the one teaching her basics but later on I insist  that she should get an instructor.

A brother of Ate Donna teach her the basic and after she gets the hang of it and pretty much get tired, Kuya (sorry I forgot the name) assist me on pushing me when there's a good wave. HAHA! Yepp, my sore arms is that bad for paddling.

We take our lunch and then doze off the entire afternoon inside our tent. When the sunset came we run to the beach and watch and admire it. That was one good sunset.

At night after eating light dinner, I kind of still feel tired over work, travel, and all that I just want to sleep the night off and I did. We met two campers too who set up their tent and hammock beside us.

There are still 2 remaining hours from the board we rented. So I said that if the wave permits we'll do one quick ride but it was flat. So me and Jec decided to leave early so we can go home early plus Jec's going home to Batangas and she's long way from home.

This quick getaway is one of my favorite on the list. All in one weekend that I love. Suf, camp, sleep, eat and just chill, plus the budget is too friendly the damage on our wallet is just less than 1500 pesos! Will do a travel guide for this.


Here's additional information on where to stay at Liwliwa. If you want a chill place to stay under starry night sky, you can check out Hide In. They are still new and on their soft opening. You can visit their facebook page to know more about them. Watch out for my next post about Hide In!

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