Bomod-Ok Falls of Sagada The Gigantic Waterfall

by - Friday, June 23, 2017

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The term Bomod-Ok means "big" in Bontoc. Truly this is one gigantic falls that I've seen in my life. Standing 200 meters high, this gigantic falls can be reach by trekking through scenic rice terraces. It was a long trek for some but if you are into hiking this trek will be a piece of cake for you plus the view is worth it.

Bomod-Ok Falls jump-off is at Banga-an and exit point is at Aguid. They require a transport service that will pick you up from your inn/homestay to the jump-off and back. But if you have your own vehicle you may use it. We pay 600 pesos for that.

There is a 10 pesos entrance fee to the falls and 500 pesos for a guide. Be sure to start early for it became super hot at noon since the trail going to the falls is open make sure to bring protection from sun.

But the trek and scorching sun is worth it esp when you see the falls itself, the water is so tempting we end up swimming for half an hour because I'm already chilling from cold. It was one of my favorite falls that I've been to. So if you're heading to Sagada don't forget this on your list!

The view!

Kind of fascinated by this water showers or whatever that called :P

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Book your trip with! It's safe and can guarantee low price!

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  1. Hi! awesome photos. Do i need to make early reservation for this trip? How does it goes? If i will be alone to do this trip, can i just join other groups? That way i can also save, rather than paying the whole amount for a tour guide or the transportation.


Thanks for the wonderful message!