Compostela Valley My 9th Solo Province

by - Monday, June 05, 2017

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The only place I listed on my Compostela Valley is the Awao Falls which I fail to visit because upon mentioning it to Kuya Winston he told me that it will take up so much time traveling to the falls and I don’t have enough time to visit it. Imagine I don’t have any back up plan for Compostela Valley and I don’t know what to visit and given I only have few hours to make a quick trip on the place for I need to go back to Davao City for I have reservation there for overnight because my older sister will be joining me on the rest of my trip in Davao Region.

Thank goodness to google, I searched a possible but quick getaway to CV and that’s where I saw this Magnaga Waters Beach Resort in Pantukan Compostela Valley. It is a resort along the highway so it is not hard to see it and get lost I just don’t know why I got off at the wrong stop haha!

The resort is quiet and peaceful and perfect for family and friends outing. They have their own parking area and restaurant, basically all the basic necessity in a resort they offer here. I ate my late lunch here and roam around the place. A quick thirty-minute tour on the place. It was around past three in the afternoon and I’m afraid I will no longer have any trip going back to Davao City if I stayed so late in the place.

Good decision though because I really had a hard time waiting for bus going to Davao City but still someone arrives and I put on my headset and sleep off the entire trip. When I woke up I safely arrive at Davao City Overland Terminal. From there I ride a tricycle going to my inn.

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