by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Every girl needs a black dress in their closet. Not that it is a must but it will help all of us save time for any occasions. Why? Because black dress is so versatile that you can wear it to any occasions. Good thing about black is that it fits to anything so any design and color will match it like a black floral maxi dress. Though I know that there are some who doesn't enjoy this color there are other dresses that you can also add in your closet. How about anything mustard? Something yellow? Something opposite of black color. For those who are more in the lively colors then definitely yellow lace dress is for you. Good thing both dresses are available only at Zaful. A girl like me who loves black and loud colors. These two colors black and yellow is definitely a must have.

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Zaful is your one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Their affordable collections are all about redefining trends, designs with excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of their customers. The idea is to share the latest fashion and trends on women’s clothing.

My dear followers, there are some news I would love to share with you guys. One of the biggest online fashion store “Zaful” is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

I'll checked out the details about this anniversary blog giveaway. To be honest, it's quite awesome. The link to their blog is

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my name Ellie Balangue after participating the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards!

Happy Shopping!

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