Bikini Review on Zaful

by - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Loving all the bikinis I received from Zaful! I am really into bikinis since I hit the beach whenever I could and I don't want to repeat what I already wore but sometimes I mismatched it with my old ones. So good thing Zaful has this tremendous list of cutest bikinis!

I ordered all in small but not all fits me well like the pink one, it is not that stretchy so the bikini top is a bit off around me and the bottom doesn't really fit me well. Next is the purple color bikini which I love too except that the top is a bit small for me plus it doesn't have pads and what's not supposed to be seen was kind of visible. The blue color looks so sporty  and the size fits me good. My personal favorite are the yellow ones. I really think it suits me more than any of them. I am eyeing another set of white bikini top. Maybe next time!

All photos are below wearing the four bikinis!

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