Magnaga Waters Beach Resort

by - Monday, June 05, 2017

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I did a quick search and good thing internet connect is fast in the area that I found an alternative place to visit on my 9th solo province: Compostela Valley. I forgot the other resort that I consider to visit but Magnaga Waters Beach Resort won over because it is along the highway and I don't need to ride again just to reach the place.

From Sleeping Dinosaur, I ride a van (the first transport vehicle that passes by) and head to the resort. Honestly, I've made my mind while inside the van contemplating over the next two hours on what I'll be doing in Compostela Valley since the initial plan of visiting Awao Falls did not push through.

I got off at the wrong stop and walk back to the resort. You will not miss it if you are coming from Tagum City for it sits on the right side if you're heading towards Mati. The signage is as big as the one above.

They have a very quiet and peaceful resort or maybe because it is so wide and open and lots of trees that I did not hear much of the crowd who are busy enjoying their stay at the place. The beach is crystal white and is perfect for family outings. Actually, during my short visit, most of the resort's guests are families.

Wanting to do a quick dip but I really haven't had enough time to do it. I just roam around and check the place. They have open cottages and rooms to anyone wants to stay overnight.

The only thing I did there aside from taking these photos is to eat my late lunch. Their restaurant is big enough to handle events on any occasions. I ordered a rice meal, well, the only available meal on that day. After enjoying my meal and taking these photos I bid goodbye to this beautiful place.

I promise to comeback and visit the falls I really wanted to see and I hope that next time it will happen already.

The price list above was taken last November of 2016. Prices may change already.

My quick visit on Magnaga Waters Beach Resort dated last November 10, 2016 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.

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