Apayao: The Last Nature Frontier of the Cordilleras

by - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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It is new to me that this province has something to offer. Really, I'm thanking this Project 81 that I am doing because I get to know more my country and by that exploring the unknown to many. Last Holy Week in my attempt to complete the region of Cordillera I did a lot of research on the remaining provinces of CAR or Cordillera Administrative Region. The provinces of CAR consists of (in alphabetical order) Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mt. Province. I've been to Benguet, Kalinga, and Mt. Province and that leaves the other three which I am very eager to visit so that I can cross-out the CAR region on my Project 81.

Thank heavens for the Holy Week because I was able to visit not just one or two provinces but six provinces in four days! That, I will narrate separately.

One of the many provinces of the Philippines that is not usually on the top list of traveled places is the province of Apayao. If you've been following my blog quite sometime I always mention that I have a thing for less traveled places that is why it is on my top list to visit this province.  During my research about the place there are so little information abut it so I gather all I can have and packed my bag.

The following lists and information (and words) are from what I gathered from Apayao EZ Map during my visit to this haven.

1. Lussok Cave

A multi-chambered cave with amazing forms of stalactites and stalagmites, including numerous bat inhabitants. It has an underground creek with a crystal-clear cool water that discharges into a blue lagoon suitable for boating, kayaking, and swimming.
3.3 km from National Road

2. Manacota Underground River

A through and through underground river that hides numerous chambers of crystallized and untouched stalactites and stalagmites and a hidden pool about 12 meters wide where one can dive and swim to experience its cool and refreshing water.
12 km from Luna Municipal Hall

3. Marag Rock Formations

This unique liemstone rock formation is a historical site as it served as a fortress for the locals during the years of insurgency. The crevices and mazes offere the people shelter and safety. It was once feared though for what the locals believed to be its enchanted character.

4. Spanish Church Ruins
The only historical landmark remaining in the province which shows the influence of the Spaniards in the 6th Century and the beginning of the spread of Christianity in Apayao and the conversion of local's belief from Paganism to Christianity.

Mataguisi Church Ruins
20.6 km from Poblacion, Pudtol

Emilia Church Ruins
200 m from Poblacion, Pudtol

5. Apayao River

The longest river of Apayao stretching a distance of 181 kilometers traversing through all the province's municipalities except Conner.

6. Gulolan Falls
photo credit to apayaotourism.wordpress.com

Paco Valley cuddles this beautiful falls with three successive pools rising about 30 meters high. The drop-off point is around 45 mins, ride from Poblacion, Kabugao plus another 30 mins. hike to the falls.

7. Bayugao Falls

A three-deck natural pools carved by rushing cascade of succeeding falls with clear and cool mountain spring water great for swimming.
3 km from Luna Municipality Hall

8. Mt. Kilang

Dubbed as the "Marble Mountain" in the province because of the mountain's massive limestone mineral deposit.

9. Apaya Eco-Tourism & Sports Complex
photo credit to http://www.edmaration.com/

A place to find an Olympic size swimming pool and other sports recreation facilities as well as ten eco-friendly cottages.
2 km from Luna Municipality Hall

10. Mawanan Mountain Resort & Convention Center
A venue for undisturbed conferences, seminars, and other occasions. This can accommodate a total of 200 guests.

11. Bacut Lake

It's exceptional islet at the lake's core keeps it unique from the other Lakes of the Philippines. A potential place for camping, boating, off-road biking, resting and outing.
3 km from Provincial Road

12. Nagan River
A Grand Slam Awardee of Gawad Kalinga sa Kapaligiran as the Cleanest Inland Body of Waterin the country. It was awarded as the Cleanest River in the region in 1988 and won 1st runner-up in the National Search. The river is perfect for swimming, boating and rafting.
10 km from Poblacion, Pudtol

13. Carmela Falls

1 hr. 30 mins. from Claveria

14. Calanasan Virgin Forest

15. Lt. Madarang Shrine

16. Pasihad Falls

10 min. hike from Poblacion, Kabugao

17. Purag Falls

3.5 km. from National Road

18. Ortega's Farm
Along National Road

19. Buguit Falls
3 km from National Road

20. Botobot Cave

21. Mt. Sulu
27.2 km from Poblacion, Pudtol

22. Maton River
A new haven for rock enthusiasts. Its invigorating cold water is suitable for swimming and diving.
25 km from Poblacion, Pudtol

23. Dacao Dam
13 km from Poblacion, Flora

24. Capitol
250 m. from National Road

25. Botanical Garden
14 km from National Road

26. Footbridge (Cagandungan)
2 km from Marag Barangay Hall

27. Magpulto Rocks
22 km from Poblacion, Pudtol

Next Post: Luna "Show Window of Apayao"

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