Chasing Museum: Crisologo Museum and Ancestral Houses at Vigan

by - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Whenever I visit a new province or town, I always make sure to drop by at their church. It has been my fascination to see a church especially those who holds so much history and stand for over decades. It has never occurred to me that my friend, Bella, notices this, and when she mentioned this she told me that on her part she always make sure to visit a museum. Because of that and since that day I always make sure to visit a museum, after all, museum also holds so much history of the place. 

So visiting Vigan entails a visit on the famous street of Crisologo, the Crisologo Museum. Good thing about this museum is that there is no entrance fee here at they only asked for a kind donation but is not mandatory, this is just for the maintenance of the place.

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Let us now start to travel back in time with these photos

We looked so pale haha!

After filling up our eyes and minds with lots of history of the Crisologo's we head to probably the famous part of Vigan: their Ancestral Houses. It feels like I'm walking decades ago and I feel home for the longest time. Its as if my gypsy soul is jumping in joy with what my eyes have been seeing.

Below are some of the photos I have taken during our walkathon in the place and I know you vintage-like people will also love these views!

With every turns of the street we discover something new and one of my favorite is this book shop that sells vintage book!!! Ugggr I really love Vigan, you don't know what you will discover like this! Indulge yourself again with these loads of books!

That's it for our unexpected journey and backpacking at Ilocos Sur! Truly, our country is full of so much history! I cannot include house inn or any restaurant because we just pass by all the houses and restaurant but I'm sure you will never run out of choices.


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