Adventure at Apayao: Footbridge at Cagandungan

by - Friday, September 16, 2016

So after our rock formation encounter we head to this footbridge at Cagandungan. There's nothing much about it though but it's not always you get to see a footbridge this long made of woods with people drinking at the river. I was about to take some shot but we really need to head back to our next destination.

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How to get there
You can actually hire a guide to get you there. We paid 1000 for the whole day activity we had, he will take you to different destinations already and will wait for you. But if you’re on private vehicle you may do so.

Lussok Cave

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  1. Wow... there is no way I would every walk over that foot bridge, I have a fear of heights and it looks a bit flimsy to me, lol... I would have a heart attack before I made it over to the other side... nice view though xox


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