Luna "Show Window of Apayao"

by - Monday, September 12, 2016

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When we learned a new route going to Apayao via Ilocos we headed immediately to Laoag to catch a trip going to Tuguegarao that will pass by at Apayao Junction going to Apayao. The last trip that day was 9 pm and we haven’t had any proper sleep yet, all we had was a sleep from previous night bus travel going to Abra. The road to Apayao became slippery after an hour for rain starts pouring so hard but I didn’t bother to worry more for I am so dead tired and sleepyhead that time. I do check time to time the maps application on my phone for our whereabouts, if ever the kundoktor forgets that they will be dropping us off at Junction. But good thing he weren’t because all I can remember was a tap and a shout saying we’re already at Junction by 2 am! Yes, 2 in the morning.

When we arrive at Apayao in the wee hours the rain is still pouring and we haven’t really decided yet where we are staying. Good thing there was a convenient store that is open 24 hours and has a mini eatery that we have a place to stay for a while to decide what we gonna do. There are no tricycle at that time and no people with information enough to point us to the nearest inn so we can finally rest.

There is this one group whose been drinking and one of them approached us saying that his sister owns a hotel where we can stay. We hesitate at first but we are chilling and it was 4 in the morning and we badly need a bed to succumb ourselves. And we said yes.

As I've mentioned from my previous post about Apayao, this provinces holds so much activity to offer esp to those who are adventure-seeker or to people who wants to know their limits, Apayao has it all for you.

Luna the Show Window of Apayao. Clearly, its name holds so much truthfulness for this town is really the show window of the province. After visiting Apayao, I can now say that it is one of the provinces that I would like to go back and revisit again and again for it has so many nature adventure to offer. I was not able to visit most of it for the weather at Apayao is unpredictable (as per the local we talked too) but nonetheless this trip is unforgettable as the others, too.

I've listed all the possible landmarks and activity I wanted to visit and do on this province, those that are accessible with other and most likely to be in just one place and here are the ones that make it on the list for there are a lot.

Marag Rock Formation
Lussok Cave
Mt. Solo
Bayugao Falls
Underground River

How to get here

If coming from Manila or if you are in Laoag, Ilocos Sur
Ride a bus going to Tuguegarao Cagayan and drop at Apayao Junction. From Junction there are tricycle that will lead you to Luna Apayao

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I'm organizing events: Climb and Beach and any other Adventure activities. Please visit my facebook page for the scheduled events.

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