Adventure at Apayao: Lussok Cave

by - Sunday, September 18, 2016

We were supposed to do the Manacota Underground River but too bad the rain starts pouring and we might get stranded inside esp when the river gets higher. This kind of encounter means there's a reason to go back! Ha! 

On the road, we were talking on what to do more, I really wanted to visit Bayugao Falls but since its raining and we don't have much time left it is not possible. And so we ended up at our last destination the Lussok Cave at Luna. It is similar with Underground River but in here you can also do caving. I'm stoked.

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How to get there
You can actually hire a guide to get you there. We paid 1000 for the whole day activity we had, he will take you to different destinations already and will wait for you. But if you’re on private vehicle you may do so.

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  1. such a cool place
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  2. this looks like a brilliant place x


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