Adventure at Apayao: Marag Rock Formation

by - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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When I saw the Rock Formation during my research in Marag, Apayao, I told myself that by any means I will be visiting this place. I have a fear with rock formation after our hike at Sipit Ulang, but since this is just plain rock formation, this won’t hurt that bad. I am so excited that even when we arrive at the hotel for around 4:30 in the morning I wake up so early for we have a long day waiting for us. I am really excited because adventures awaits and I am just so hype that time.

But unlike in Abra, where we got so much little time, here in Apayao we had the weather not in favor with us. I woke up around 6 in the morning and got ready in no less than 30 minutes and wake up my friend to do her morning rituals but as I go out our room and inhale the good vibes and the freshness of air at Apayao rain starts falling slowly and the skies became darker and darker. Sad. But that didn’t stop us for doing the activities, though hiking at Mt. Solo is not advisable as per the owner of the hotel. Sad again.

So we head to our contact person who will bring us to Marag and to experience its Rock Formation.

It was a long single motor drive going to Marag, it took us almost an hour to get there. It was muddy and rough road by the time we enter this town and as if we were eaten by nature in a very subtle way and I knew that time we’re going to have a great day despite the weather.

Upon arrival at the jump-off, we secured permits and guides and register. We eat first since by the time we gonna finish the activity it was pass lunch time already. There is a small eatery beside the court where the barangay hall was situated where you are going to register for the rock formation.

Going to Rock Formation requires a guide and gears available at barangay hall, it is a precaution they are doing for of course, nature is very unpredictable. As for the price, I really forgot, and I am so sorry for that, but just to be sure, prepare at least 1000 each for the rest of the activity for the day.

This Rock Formation is advisable for beginner esp those who seek adventure. There will be a river crossing and be mindful for there are some limatik. I was bitten when we got down going back to the single motor but it was just so small it doesn't hurt that bad. But of course, again, extra careful.

The view at the top is wonderful, too bad there is no so much clearing but we still enjoyed it.

Bitten by limatik

How to get there
If you are coming from Manila, ride a bus going to Tuguegarao and informed the driver you are heading to Apayao Junction. From Apayao Junction there are tricycle that will take you to Apayao proper. 

You can actually hire a guide to get you there. We paid 1000 for the whole day activity we had, he will take you to different destinations already and will wait for you. But if you’re on private vehicle you may do so. Cars can go up to the drop off point.

Footbridge at Cagandangan

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