It's Always Been Damon

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can a man be so beautiful and hot in every angle he make? Damon is! Or Ian Somerhalder in reall life. I've been a fan of The Vampire Diaries for quite sometime and I can't wait for the season 4 to air, Elena a vampire? Yes she is now! But let's focus on Damon.

One of the leading local clothing line here in the Philippines, the PENSHOPPE goes really international, their "All Stars" campaign was recently joined by non other than the Gossip Girl star herself Leighton Meester. The "All Stars" campaign of Penshoppe are Ed Westwick, Mario Maurer, Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder, and Leighton Messter. 

Actually, I was quite glad they've got Zac Efron already but when they announce that Ian Somerhalder will be their new brand endorser I felt so overwhelm and excited and really goes gaga when they confirmed that they will be bringing the hottest vampire in the Philippines! I'm giggling, clapping, jumping, a fan girl to be exact! All eyes on my twitter account where I usually got news about his visit here but unfortunately the day he will be arriving is the day I'm going to an island with friends to enjoy summer with no cellphone coverage at all not even electricity. I feel sad because for the first time in my life I really wanna go at the airport and wait for him there! That's how my fan side for him is. When I came back, after a couple of days, Penshoppe announce on twitter that there will be a meet and greet at SM Mall of Asia on May 24, 2012. Since classes haven't started yet and I really wanna see him so I don't hesitate!

I never imagine I will see him in personal! It never really crosses my mind. But hey! Dreams do come true! My friend whom also loves Damon was still out of town, that leaves me alone going there. My mom wanted to go to but she has work so she can't.

I wake up early so I can be on the first row and be near him. But, I think I'm not the only one thinking of that so I'm not really surprise that when I got there, there are already a bunch of people waiting for him. i arrived at 11am and show will start at 3pm. We were all standing there til 3pm just to wait for him.

When he arrives everyone is screaming and taking their best picture of him. Syempre hindi papatalo ang lola mo, it was like a stampede! There were pushing! Thank God no one takes advantage f our things, well I don't know with the others but all my cameras are safe though with my wallet an cellphone.

Funny about this, everytime someone pops on the floor, people gone mad and shouting! Haha! Still smile when I remember that.

He feels really overwhelm about the warm welcome. :)

At first, they were sitting on the chair but then they change to the edge of the chair so we can see them.



His eyes is so mesmerizing! I don't need Damon's compulsion charm just to be enchanted by him! :D

Thank you for the big screen! really!
He look so cute here! He was asking us to stay calm and quite because all you can hear is shouting and screaming! And he was also asking us to stop pushing.

He's making every part of the crowd feels appreciated by him.

Even people on the 2nd floor. :)

And people on his back.

One of the cutest thing he did! He take a picture of us using his phone!

Sorry for the blurry shot. I'm using my digicam in a full zoom, I can't use my dslr because I'm so small and can't get a good shot so instead I use the digicam.

As far as I remember I think he's saying here is he's going back in the Philippines. :)

He's thanking all of us for the warm welcome.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own this photo. When I got home I browse the internet and found this. There's really a crowd!

My favorite! Before he left, he was asked to take a picture with all of us! Everyone is ecstatic!

It's a funny experience though. This actually my first time to do it. I don't know what gotten into me, maybe his vampire charm? I'm really looking forward to seeing him again and I will wake-up real real early!

 One of the lines I always remember from the tv series is "It's always been Stefan" where Elena always tells to Damon, but hey for me It's always been Damon!

Support his foundation called ISFOUNDATION. It's for a good cause.


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