HAUL : Red and Blue a Perfect Two

by - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Before I can't pair red and blue together. Now, they look perfect together! See my hauls last month at trinoma, landmark. I haven't bought any clothes since god knows when. When I get a chance and I really can't resist the cuteness of these two I don't hesitate to buy it. 

If you're consistently reading my blog, you know I'm not a fan of sleeveless tops. Mainly because of my consciousness of my armpits. mehe! Anyways, this one is an exception. It has a wavy feel when you wear it. A little bold and open once worn but I know I can pull it off with some cardigans or bolero. I bought it for only 350 pesos. :)

I'm so desperate to buy a new shorts. Candy shorts to be exact. But really didn't get a chance. So, finally, when I came across this shorts at landmark I bought it immediately along with the top. It has a unique style which makes it stand-out. I bought it for only 300 pesos. :)

I didn't wear it so far but I took a photo of it when I tried it on the fitting room. mehe 

So that ends my haul post. Will post more of my hauls next time. Here's a sneak peek for my next haul post. Stay tune!


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  1. I bought a pair of pants from H&M and it looks so much like your shorts (but they are pants lol)

    I miss shopping at Landmark, Trinoma! The good stuff are there and they are inexpensive!

    1. Yeah, I agree. Landmark, Trinoma is one of my favorite malls to go shopping. :)


Thanks for the wonderful message!