Photoblogs : Post To Impress

by - Friday, October 12, 2012

I've been wanting to post my snapshot and share it with you guys. Been very busy and no time to edit those photos. But, wait no more, as promise, I'll be posting my photoblogs every now and then. As for starters, the following photos are collection of pictures from our trip at Anawangin, Zambales last summer. Which happened to be one of my backlogs that I haven't post yet. Anyway, this could be one a sneak peek on what we've experience at that trip.

For the photos, I am not a pro, I'm just a photographer wannabe. I love photography as much as I love fashion and books and potter. Okay, rants, sorry. I put some dramatic edit, though, still retains what it wants to express. Hope you will like the rest of the pictures and perhaps leave a comment, suggestions, opinions or anything. 

On all the photos, I'm using my Sony Alpha 200 DSLR.

Hope you get to enjoy if not all, some perhaps. 


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