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BIG hair LOUD mouth

Fun, Bright, Reckless

I do outfit posts mostly, I share my personal experiences too at times and well I tend to do a lot of inspired dressing!

Well I have wavy hair hence the name BIG hair and I often sport bright lippies hence the term LOUD mouth

It means I love sporting the look I currently have on! I love voluminous hair and I'm inspired to sport bold lip colors!

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Eating, watching Anime and Shopping

Promoting my blog, responding to emails and replying to comments!

I take a lot of random pics and anything I find interesting is posted on my blog! I tend to sport my new outfits or something that I havent worn in a long time! Love to change styles occasionally!


Nope not yet! All my readers are extremely incredible! I've never had a history of hate mails!

Frequent posts! New content! Good pics

Outfit / Fashion / Personal!

I intend to make my blog contents similar! I want to do outfit posts having the latest trends! Would love to experiment with more colors and fabrics

Atlantic pacific - Amazing style
Style Scrapbook - Love her funky fashion
Song of style - Love her casual trendy look

It all starts from your head and ends with your head! If you are thinking of blogging go ahead and write! Dont be scared to post pictures and document your life via your blog! You'll eventually find people who actually are inspired by you and you also meet people who'll inspire you how to lead your life! Happy Blogging!

Here are some of Nyt's amazing look.


For more, go check her blog now.

Happy Sunday everyone! Have a blessed one!

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