Fifty Shades of Grey

by - Sunday, June 24, 2012

Okay. For the record, this will be my first ever book review in my blog. Honestly, you can categorize me as a bookworm as I am clearly is one. I read from variety of book. From classic to fantasy, fiction or non-fiction anything, be it a kid books, teen books or adult books. I read from novel to book of names and their history. See? It's so random. I don't know if I hate this fact, that this will be the very first book review that I'll be doing when in fact Harry Potter and some other books I've read in the past really first fascinates me before this book: Fifty Shades of Grey.

My cousin's cousin tweet about her reading this book. I was kind of curious about it but don't have a chance on buying the book that time. And, she's the only one I knew reading it. I read reviews about it, some really comment aweful but more of them enjoyed it, reading those reviews grows more my curiosity. When finally I got my new ipod touch I downloaded it online at where you can download books for free and read through this app ibooks. I started reading it last June 21 and just finish it later this afternoon. One of the reason also why this book really caught my eye is that it's very different from the one's I have been reading since I started reading books: Harry Potter Series, Mitch Albom's Novels, Paulo Coelho's, Bob Ong's, The Hunger Games trilogy, and yeah, for heaven's sake the Twilight series which I hold no much interest on the movie than book(sorry, I really need to point that out)

Moving on, I thought this book is a complete love story, oh my, yeah really! I was quite overwhelm when I started reading it, especially the chapter one, where all the stories begun, it was quite thrilling and very provocative to read given I was only at first chapter. I wanted to know more, to acquire more. Why? Simply because of the characters. There's something with this Christian Grey, yeah he's the fifty shades of grey, that you wanted to know more like what this girl Ana wants to know more. And the story revolves on them and goes with the people around them.

Christian Grey is a very mysterious guy. A young wealthy not to mention billionaire and a successful guy with a lot of issues on his self. You can think of him as the living Adonis well in fact he's the epitome of alpha males! He's so complicated and so mercurial, he's fifty shades are really as my friend says, shady. His character is so well-constructed. He has ups and downs. He has bad side and good side. He could be a knight shining armor or could be a dark knight. His character is so full and I quite say can't help to contain it, its just so much grasp. But I think that's the catch, how his world is very different from so many and how you would accept and dive in to his.

Anastasia "Ana" Steel on the other hand is very surreal. I sometimes hate her reaction on some instances but that's the way her character is. A graduating literature major who's only in love with classic literary books. A girl never been touched, never been kissed, never had a boyfriend in her entire life who fell in love for the very first time with non other than Christian Grey himself. And the story goes on.

Of course, the story doesn't revolves only on the two. There's Ana's friends on the line, Katherine "Kate" Kavanagh who supposed to be doing the interview of Chrsitian Grey instead of Ana(well,that's where it started ;) ) Jose, a mexican-american guy who has this love-more-than-friend to Ana, the Clayton's family where Ana works, Ana's mother and her husband issues, Grey's family which includes Elliot, Christian's brother and Kate's lover, Mia younger daughter of a successful lawyer Mr. Carrick Grey and Dr. Grace Grey. And the mysterious Mrs. Robinson from Christian Grey's past.

I can't stop reading. I want to know what will be the end of this novel. It's not your typical kind of book. Yes, this is very sensual. Very mature and not for weak mind. Because one can be very judgy reading this. But it's a lot new to read and I recommend this book. I think its very high-fashioned for its a lot new to me.

If you happened to read the twilight saga which I happen to read all of it, you might quite see a resemblance of it except the fact that its not vampire kind of book. Resemblance in a way of the two main characters on their clinging to each other.

I could say I really enjoyed reading this book. I think you should read it 'til the end before judging Ana, well, honestly at first I did but in the end yeah that's the way should she do! I was and still beguiled by this book. I wonder what to expect on Fifty Shades Darker! I'm currently reading it already. :)

**after seeing the resemblance of this book from twilight saga I googled it and found an answer, I really don't want to dive-in too much on the issue, for me it's a whole lot new and good book to read
**this is clearly how I felt about reading the book, sorry if I'll be crossing someone's feeling but this is really subjective thoughts. ty!

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally! Enjoyed reading this book! I think you should read it 'til the end before judging Ana, well, honestly at first I did but in the end yeah that's the way should she do! Beguiled by this book I wonder what to expect on Fifty Shades Darker! I'm currently reading it already. :)

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    1. Hi Little K! Following you now via GFC and bloglovin :)

  2. I read the 3 books already! Pretty enterteining I must say and yes, provocative indeed! :) Nice blog doll!


    1. aww really? I seldom meet someone who read it or reading it. And thank you Ella!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment to my blog! :)

    I already finished the three books of fifty shades, and I certainly am recommending it to you! The second book is a little bore but the third one most definitely made up to it. Tell me your thoughts once you're done? :)

    xx Bea

    1. I feel you with the second book. I actually stop reading the second book but from time to time I continue reading it. It bores me too, hee but I'm definitely still dedicated to finish it. Thanks Bea! And don't worry once I'm done I will let you know. :)


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