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Now, let me bring to you my top most favorite ancestral house we invade.
 The Galleria Taal.

I made a special and separate blog post for it so I can show you clearly what's inside and where this Galleria Taal is located. For camera lovers, vintage lovers, I know you'll enjoy this one, because I did. :)

"Strategically located along Taal's main artery, Agoncillo St., Batangas, leading to the next town, Lemery, is the former ancestral home of Taal's Ylagan-Barion family, now resurrected and renamed GALLERIA TAAL."

"Galleria Taal is now, first and foremost, a vintage camera museum, showcasing Manny Barrion Inumerable's vast collection of rare cameras from the late 1800's-1900's. It is also a gallery of Philippine antiquarian photographs of the 1800's, American occupation, 2nd World War and the Liberian period."

The History of Galleria Taal
"Galleria Taal used to be the ancestral home of Domingo Ylagan and Maria Martinez-Ylagan in the 1800's. COmposed of two sections, the early house, located at the back portion has a distinctive tiled roof and was built in 1870. Approximately thirty years later, the facade fronting the main street was built, roofed this time with GI sheets"

"The once stately home fell in disrepair until 2004 when a grandchild, Emmanuel Inumerable (Manny) initiated its restoration together with the assistance of his brother, Robeto, a civil contractor. Both painstakingly reconstructed the house, preserving the antiquity of the stately ancestral home."

"In March 2010, Manny Inumerable opened Galleria Taal as an exhibition venue of antique cameras and antiquarian Philippine photographs."

"The camera collection is composed of rare cameras dating late 1800's up to late 1900's."

"On the other hand, the antiquarian photographs depicting the early Philippine photography in the Spanish and American eras are also on display. Rare photos of Manila before and after the Japaneses occupation, Marcos era and EDSA revolution are also exhibited." These photos are from vast vintage collections.

"The unique exhibition is the only one in the country that showcases Philippine antiquarian photographs and a vintage camera collection all housed in an actual Spanish-era home."

Enjoy the cameras. :D

How breath taking and marvelous is that? I can now say I really envy this man for having this wow collection of vintage cameras! And I will definitely go back here and will bring my friends, family, loved-ones to see this amazing collection! Hope you guys can check this ancestral house someday. Its worth every penny you will cost. :)

UP for the next ancestral house.


DISCLAIMER: italic words are quoted words from the brochure they gave us during the tour. 

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