Trilogy Experience: Climbing Mts Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi, and Pamitinan in One Day

by - Saturday, March 03, 2018

I don't know where this trilogy started but this experience was dated last 2016. I know. Another late post. Honestly there are loads of series of climbs that I haven't posted yet but I'm starting to clear each of those and let me start again with this trilogy experience of mine.

It was that time when I wanted to know my limits. My good boy friend just got out of a relationship and needs unwinding and his off happens to be on weekdays so I grab him to join me on this climb. He didn't hesitate a bit. So on Wednesday of August 02, 2016 we get our ass on the way to Wawa Rodriguez in Rizal.

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At the summit of Mt. Binacayan 


Since this is just a DIY basis we are only commuting and good thing we just live nearby Quezon City so getting to the jump off is not that hard. Though that time, transportation from Litex at Commonwealth is limited we still manage to get our ass before sunrise at the registration.

I already contacted Sir Arnel, one of the famous guide in Wawa to assist us and guide us on this one of a kind adventure. After registering and instructions and additional information we start off this crazy adventure.

I am still having a fear of heights during this climb. But regardless, I still went off and wants to know my limitation. If I wanted to continue climbing I should conquer this fear. Sir Arnel helps me with it and teach me techniques. He was so helpful along side with his cousin, Kuya Reneboy, the trail was so fun because of them, full laughter and asaran. haha!


pagod na po ako sobra, sorry. HAHA!

Sample Itinerary

0430 Register | Prepare for trek
0500 Start of with Mt Binacayan
0700 ETA Summit | Photo Ops
0730 Descent
0830 ETA at the registration | Breakfast
0930 Start ascend to Mt. Hapunang Banoi
1130 ETA Summit | Photo Ops
1230 Descent
1330 Trail going to Mt Pamitinan
1430 ETA Summit | Photo Ops
1530 Descent
1630 Back at jump-off

- Start early. Especially if you are more than 5 in your group and are all first timers.
- Pack light. Bring only water and biscuits. I suggest leaving all of your belongings at the registration so you may climb quickly and hassle-free
- Prepare your mind and body for this climb. Though these three mountains are all for beginners, climbing these three in one day is pretty much exhausting.
- Climb on weekdays. Rizal has been one of the provinces that people go to every weekend since its the nearest from Manila. People flock here already so if you don't want a crowd, go on weekdays or better, start early as you can.
- Guide fee is 500 per mountain.

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