Travel Guide to Five Fingers and Laki Beach, Bataan

by - Monday, March 12, 2018

Ever heard of Five Fingers in Bataan? They say it differs from other because you get to do cove hopping instead of island hopping. So anyone interested on different activity this is a guide for you. Along with the Five Fingers travel guide is also a guide if you want to check out Laki Beach.

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How To Get There

Getting to Five Fingers in Bataan is easy if you are doing it on diy-basis. I know many travel tours, like me, do have schedules going here but just in case you prefer the company of your own and not just some random strangers then read on.

There are terminals in Cubao and Pasay that goes directly to Mariveles Bataan. Bataam transit, five star, and genesis bus companies have direct route to Mariveles. Hop a bus with a signboard going there as that will be your entry point to this wonderful destination. 280 pesos is the fare for one way. From Mariveles Bus Terminal, there are tricycle beside 7-11 and tell the driver that you are heading to Porto in Barangay Balon, but you can just say Porto and the driver knows it where. 100 pesos for the entire tricycle of one way trip to Porto. It can fit up to 4 passengers. From Porto, there are locals waiting and will ask you who your contact is and they will get into them to meet you or if you have any meet up time and place for your contact but if none and you just happen to go there without any, fret not because there are locals there who will be willing to assist you. From Porto ride a boat and your adventure begins.

Cove Hopping

The first part of the tour is getting your but on a boat and coasting to the first cove where you will be alighting on this rock formation that they call as "kryptonite". They call it Kryptonite because it resembles to real one. Not far from this Kyrptonite rock formation is the heart shape rock. And from that you will enter this hole in a huge rock on the sea a gateway to another spot for those adrenaline junky. The next cove has a cliff diving spot. But to get to the spot you have to climb for a bit on the dragon-stone like. Its easy, diving is a little different story. The view from the top is spectacular. The last cove is the bat cave. You will not get deeper into it just at the entry way. On all the cove you may go down and take a dip if you want and stay for as long as you want. If you get tired you can now head to Laki Beach.

Laki Beach

Laki Beach is another attraction in Bataan. The sand is close to white but not gray. The water is clean and the place is quiet. Not of course if you have neighbors who wants to listen to loud music and I meant loud. But other than that the beach is quiet and serene.

There are also spots on the beach you may want to explore. Both sides are open to all for exploring with rocks facing the ocean. There is a lake on the beach but don't get too far from it because on the other side of it the lands belong to the other owner. Yep, Laki Beach is private property but the owner is kind enough to let visitors, like us, to stay overnight or for as long as we like with of course an entrance fee.

Tips and other reminders
- 280 pesos for one way bus fare from Cubao to Mariveles Bataan
- 100 pesos tricycle from Mariveles bus terminal to Porto (port going to five fingers and laki beach)
- 75 pesos tricycle from Porto to bus terminal to Manila
- 3500 pesos boat rental for overnight. They will fetch you next day. Just inform them of what time
- 250 pesos entrance fee for Laki Beach
- Bring your own food if you will stay at Laki Beach. There are only two stores there but sell only limited food like softdrinks, coffee, halo-halo, and the likes. No meal offered.
- Bring your own supply of water.
- Bring flashlights. There are generators that supply the light at night but other parts of the beach are not covered.
- Bring your own tent. There are no tent rentals at the beach and no hotels.
- There are showers and toilets at the beach but lines can be long especially if there are a lot of guests.
- Please, clean as you go.
- Start early. Sun can be deadly esp during summer.
- Contact number 09092279356 look for Ate Bheng

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