The Hanging Coffins In Sagada

by - Saturday, March 03, 2018

Igorot's burial tradition can be seen at Sagada's Hanging Coffins at Echo Valley. Coffines are suspended with primitive wires and ropes along limestone cliffs. The size of the coffin is smaller than the actual size of the dead, for them the way they enter this earth should be the same way they will leave the earth, thus the departed assume a fetal postion. These coffins survided 500 years of natural and man-made disasters.

According the guides, the position of the coffins signify how much the family cared for the deceased. The higher the coffin, the more valued the deceased was.

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Twice I've been to Hanging Coffin and it still brings me this surreal feeling. Seeing something that meant so much for the Igorot, this Hanging Coffin is part of their culture and history. And us, visitor, should respect this place because this is holy for them.

Getting to this Hanging Coffin is part of the Echo Valley tour. Guide is required to every tourist spots of Sagada.

2015 photo

- Bring water and food during the tour
- Respect locals and other tourists
- Don't make too loud noise, this place is sacred for the locals
- Start early, sometimes, sun can be so deadly

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