Dove Feeding Experience at Fort Pilar Zamboanga City

by - Monday, March 05, 2018

Been surrounded by doves has always been on my bucket list needless to say dove feeding. But whenever I think of that, movie of Claudine and Piolo has always been on my mind on how I picture it. Never had the chance to watch the movie though, but I've seen clips of that scene in their movie Milan where there are doves, loads of doves, and I said to myself, WOW! That moment on its always on my list.

But the chance of going to Milan is not yet on the road so when I travel to Zamboanga and my sister in YFC bring me to Fort Pilar where there is a house for the doves and you are allowed to feed them! Its actually the trick so they will come to you and flock over to you! Imagine my excitement when I learned that I didn't waste any second and did that.

So, if its one of your bucket list too, just like the photo above but no way near visiting Milan then Fort Pilar is the best place for you.

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More photos below!

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