Budget Trip To Amihan Sa Dahican

by - Sunday, June 04, 2017

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How To Get There From Manila

Cebu Pacific has a daily air trip to Davao. I had mine booked year ahead and it doesn’t cost me much for it was during their seatsale. So if I were you take advantage of it and plan it ahead.
Once in the airport, take a cab going to grand terminal. Travel time may take up to less than an hour. Fare is around 240 pesos on taxi. At the grand terminal look for the bus that goes to Mati, you can ask someone there to assist you with. Travel time to Mati may take up to four hours so prepare for it, bring some foods and water with you, though there are many stops before you reach the place. Fare is around 200 pesos. From the town proper of Mati there are tricycles that can take you to Amihan Sa Dahican. Don’t worry they perfectly know the place so you will not get lost. Travel time may take up to 30 minutes and fare is around 150 pesos.


I stayed at Amihan Sa Dahican but there are other resorts there to choose from. I chose Amihan Sa Dahican since it is budget friendly for me and I really wanted to experience the real life in Dahican and I know no other place to experience it than Amihan Sa Dahican itself.

They offer pitching of tent for a cheaper price.
Own Tent – 100 per night
Rent Tent – 300 per night
Hammock – 50 per night

Cheap, eh? J

Where To Eat?

I suggest bringing your own especially when you want to stay at Amihan Sa Dahican, they have no own restaurant. But there are restaurants nearby but I don’t have much idea about it except the one where I ate my dinner but forgot the name too.

Surf Lesson

500 – Board with Instructor for an hour

Other Activities

Of course there are other activities you can do and enjoy during your stay in Dahican. You just have to ask.
-Dolphin watching

Contact Person

Kuya Winston – Fb account

Book your trip with Booking.com! It's safe and can guarantee low price!

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