Mt. Gulugod Baboy

by - Saturday, June 24, 2017

One of my backlogs are all my hiking experience. My hike to Gulugod Baboy was part of my month long birthday celebration last year. And it was extra special because I climbed it with my best friends. You see I don't have a lot of friends, what I have is a bunch of best friends who I truly trust with my life.

So I really want to do an overnight hike and gladly these two ladies said yes! We met at Buendia station but we weren't able to take our bus on time so we arrive at jumpoff late and started trekking late.

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Though the climb to Gulugod Baboy doesn't really require a guide especially if it's not your first time, but we asked for one since its getting late already and we know we'll reach the camp site after sundown. No one wants to get lost in the mountain of course.

I must warned you, the hike to Gulugod Baboy requires patience esp for the first timers or newbie, though this mountain is advisable for those, it's just the start of the trail is a paved road upward. Personally, I am no fan of paved roads upward when it comes to climbing. Too many points why :P But if it's your thing then this hike will definitely a piece of cake for you.

My anticipation about the time we will reach the summit happened. We were on the trail when the sun starts to set. It was definitely a perfect view at the camp site if we reached there just in time. But regardless, we still manage to see the sunset in another perspective and I think it is more than wonderful and amazing!

When we reached the camp site we immediately set our tent. We end up finishing the tent after an hour? HAHA! We had a hard time because it was windy on the top plus its already dark and other campers are already cooking their dinner and we are distracted by the smell of their food! So inviting and drooling!

After setting up our tent we prepared our packed dinner, eat, and settled down for a long night of chismisan and star gazing. That was a perfect moment! I love everything about that night. The cold breeze, the stars, the camping vibe itself, plus good friends, everything!

We end up sleeping late with few horror stories that I know will never disappear on any camping outing with friends or with anyone.

I woke up early the next day despite a few sleep. I really wanted to see sunrise up there. When I go out our tent it seems like it rained the whole night but it didn't. Since its January and cold weather still the surroundings are moist and full of fog but we don't mind, if you are living in metro this kind of ambiance is what you are craving for, really.

We started preparing our breakfast and waited for the sunrise. That was a cold meal. HAHA We didn't bring any cooking utensils, only breads and canned goods. But all the same, we enjoyed our breakfast in the mountain.

We waited and waited for the fog to disappear, but we failed, it was still foggy and we decided to packedup to head to the other peaks of gulugod. By 10 in the morning we head down and had a quick dip at philpan resort for only 100 pesos. I forgot the cottage fee though.


Registration Fee: 50 php each
Guide Fee: 500 php per group (I'm not sure if how many pax, the first one we hired a guide 500 is 1:3 the second one is 1:8)

How To Get There
You may ride a bus going to Batangas at Buendia/Cubao and alight at Batangas Grand Terminal. From there ride a jeepney going to Anilao and get off at Philpan-Mabini junction. And from there ride a tricycle going to Philpan resort where the jump point is.

You may do swimming afterwards.There are a lot of resorts aside from philpan resort. Anilao after all is  diving spot.
You may also visit nearby islands like sombrero island.
Don't forget to try their Lomi!

> If you want to do everything in one day: hike and swimming, I suggest going there early and start your trek as early as 4 am. You may enjoy the trek while the sun is still sleeping and take your breakfast on the top. By 8 in the morning you may start descending and when you're back at the jump off you can do swimming.
> Don't worry starting early, there are guides and people in charge at the jump off as early as 3am.
> If you want to go island hopping you may do so asked your guide or any locals there for the information. There are some who will approach you anyway to offer such service.
> If you are hesitant because you're in small group you may ask other hikers who are interested to go island hopping and just divide the cost.
> There are a lot of eateries at the jump off, just not that early if you start 4 am, so make sure to bring your pre-packed breakfast with you.
> There are secured parking lots in the jump off.
> There are paid-bathrooms in the jump off

Other photos below. 

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  1. looks like fun!!

  2. Hi Ellie, nice pictures po. Ganda ng view sa Gulugod baboy mukang ook din ang overnight camping sa summit :-)


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