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by - Sunday, May 27, 2018

You can actually visit temples and tourist attraction in Ayutthaya in a day. So if you’re staying at Bangkok and wants to see Ayutthaya trust me, it is possible. This post will help you how to do it on diy basis.

Since we are doing backpacking, time is very crucial as well as expenses. By this day we are already half-way through our travel and we are still going to two different countries so budgeting is really essential. We both decided to ditch Laos on this trip since it will be time consuming and fare back and forth will cost as much and I really want to see Ayutthaya.


Located 85 KM north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is an ancient capital and modern city of Thailand. Ayutthaya having the ideal location between China, India, and the Malay Archipelago made this city the trading capital of Asia and even the world. And by 1700 it had become the largest city in the world with a toal of one million inhabitants.

Merchants from Europe declared the city as the finest one they had ever seen. The Dutch and French maps of the city shows gold-laden palaces, huge ceremonies and a  vast float of trading vessels from all over the world. But all this came to an end when the Burmese invaded Ayutthaya and almost completely burnt the city to the ground.

Now, a glimpse of the past can still be seen on what left of the city. But still, it was one of the most historical places I’ve seen during our backpacking trip. To help you understand why, here’s a quick travel guide and some photos from our day trip in Ayutthaya.

How To Get There

If you are staying in Bangkok City, make your way to MoChit Bus Station (or MoChit 2). From there, there are vans going to Ayutthaya. Fare per person is 4.75 USD. Travel time may take up to one and half hour.

Tour Packages?

Once in Ayutthaya, there are people stationed there that will offer you tour packages for a day. We cop ours for only 30 USD for the two of us! You can haggle of course. There are some who offers us 50 USD! Haggle is the key guys!

Where To Eat?

There are restaurants along the way and on the site itself has mini store. If you prefer, you can always bring foods with you esp water so save more money!

What To Visit?

When you avail of the tour packages you get to discuss which places and temples you want to see and which one first. Make sure to clarify it to your guide and from the tour coordinator. Your guide will be the tuktuk driver too.

Other Ways to Tour Ayutthaya?

There are plenty. Mind you, temples and tourist spots are far from each other so it is best to really know where you are going.
1.       -If you opt not to avail tour packages and do it on your own you may do so, if you want some exercise while roaming around and wants to paddle your way throughout the city, there are bike rentals, you can also ask for maps so you will not get lost.
2.       -DIY. From drop off of the van, there are tuktuk available and you may ask them to bring you to first temple you want to visit. You just have to wait at times if there’s any available tuktuk to where you are though.
3.       -If bike is available, so does renting a motorcycle, there are also some who will offer to drive it for you.


There is! But only on some temples and stupa. Your guide will let you know or you can always ask. If not, at the entrance, they will inform you about it. Entrance fees ranges from 20 BAHT to 50 BAHT. But trust me all worth it and its really cheap!


       -Bring drinking water! Though there are stores there but if you want to save money just bring one for yourself and don’t forget to bring reusable water bottle! Let’s help save our planet.
-          -Wear appropriate clothes. Though its not really strict compared to Bangkok’s temples, but there will be other stupa who will ask if you have shawl if you’re wearing open shoulders.
-          -Bring foods. Biscuits and candies will do just to have something to munch on while doing the tour.
-          -Bring enough money. There are some cute souvenirs out there too.
-          -Respect. Need I elaborate more?
-          -Haggle guys! It’s not bad though just make it reasonable! Thai people are good and you can haggle with them just make sure to do your best :P
-          -Start early! Especially if you’re doing it during summer. Its really hot out there.
-          -Bring umbrellas or anything to protect you from sun.
-          -Bring towels. I sound like mom now. HAHA!
       - And try to avoid similar clothes to what I wore on this day. Blending in done right! The laughs we had during the entire trip! HAHAHAHAH!
-          -Have fun and enjoy! And make sure to learn something on your trip! It’s not a crime to ask people there of the history and story behind every stupa.

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