Travel Guide To Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp

by - Sunday, April 09, 2017

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Where is Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp?

Nestled in southernmost province in Luzon. Sorsogon is one of the provinces in Bicol Region (okay this is too bookish I know) they are located in Buenavista, Gubat, in Sorsogon.

How to Get There?

From Manila there are two options first is to fly to Legaspi, second take a bus.

Via Air

Take a flight to Legaspi and head straight to Legaspi terminal. Travel time may take up to an hour. From there look for any bus or van that goes to Sorsogon City, travel time may take up to two hours. From Sorsogon City, ask the driver to drop you to the terminal of jeepney going to Gubat travel time may take up to an hour. From the city proper there are tricycle that can take you to the camp, just say so. Fare is around 50 pesos and travel time may take up to 10 minutes or less.

Via Land

There are buses that has a daily trip directly to Gubat Sorsogon, travel time may take up to 15 hours. I know, butt-numbing but all worth it and it is much cheaper. Fare is around 920 pesos for one way. From Gubat you may ride a tricycle going to the camp, fare is around 50 pesos and travel time may take up to 10 minutes or less.
Cubao Terminal - DLTB, Elavil, Penafrancia, Raymond Bus
Pasay Terminal - PhilTranco Bus Line

Alternatively, if you miss a direct bus going to Sorsogon, you may ride any Legaspiz route bus and at the Legaspi terminal there are van and buses going to Sorsogon.

What kind of accommodation does they have?

If you are looking for any fancy aircon hotel type of accommodation they don't have it but if you are looking for more than that I can assure you this going to be you favorite spot too. They offer tent and nipa hut accommodation.

Their nipa hut cottages are made of bamboo and can accommodate from four to eight person. It has its own electricity, a linen, and a fan. The lower part of the cottage has enough space for sitting and just hanging out, you can also hang a hammock there. Price ranges from 800-1450 pesos.

They have tent rentals too that is good for one to two persons for only 200 pesos. They have a wide camping area perfect for the tents that is surrounded by trees.

You may bring your own tents and hammocks too.

Staying for just a day?

They also have open beach bungalows where you can hangout. Its a beachfront! Just bring your own food and you're good. They have a minimal fee of 25 pesos each for it. 


I think this is one of frequently asked questions, but I guess given the fact that this is a surf camp, you can not except much. But I assure you there is a bathroom and a shower rooms. All are communal btw but well and cleanly maintained.

Restaurant? Food? Beverages?

They have a kitchen that offers a great choices of foods. Meals ranges from 80-275 pesos.

The last time I've been there they stop selling liquors, there are however a mini store from the entrance you can buy beers and hard ones there.

I think you may cook your own food. Just ask them they are really accommodating.


Yep and secured.


Definitely. As far as I know the surf lesson will cost you 350 pesos for an hour with instructor and a board. And I think that is the cheapest on all of the surf spot I've been to. Never get to surf though on my three visit. HAHA! I know. But the waves are good. :D

Other Activities?

You can explore the whole camp. There are detox place where you can have perfect solitude but comes with a rules you need to follow to maintain the place of course.

You can try exploring other landmarks near the place too. They offer daytour and some other activities. I happen to say no to all during my stay though because I really need to leave early morning the next day.

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