Maniwaya Island, My 10th Solo Province

by - Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sunset before full moon

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It was put on hold for a week. I don't know but everytime I get this feeling that I don't want to continue a certain trip I really reschedule it. Well, I did reschedule for a day, The initial plan is to travel last Apr 3 of this month, then I rescheduled it the following day, when I'm about to leave, exact;y two hours ago an earthquake hit Batangas and nearby provinces. I hesitate at first but given all the other hesitations beforehand I consider this a sign and never left at all on that day and on the following days. I know we have certain beliefs on this, but this is mine, so.

Moving on, I really am desperate to go elsewhere that has a beach where I can be alone by myself. Yep, I crave to have my 10th solo province soonest since it was months since my last. And I know Maniwaya Island is a perfect spot to be alone.

Perfect place to be alone, isn't?

For one week I postponed the trip. Given the following week is holyweek and I don't want to be there during peak season esp from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, for I know people will flock there because its a super long weekend.

Another point taken was, I said to myself before that the next time I am visiting a beach is during full moon. I wasn't aware of the moon phase because I was too busy that time but a good friend of mine mentioned if I saw the moon because it looks amazing and I run immediately upstairs to see for myself. Then I look over the internet and viola! Full moon is about to happen in two days. That night, I left. Yep. That was April 9, 2017. Sunday night I took of and head to the nearest terminal going to Quezon. The entry point to Marinduque, specifically to Maniwaya Island.

I arrive almost midnight of Sunday, April 9, at Jam Liner in Kamuning just in time for the bus to leave going to Lucena. There were no flock of passengers yet that time and not all are going to Lucena. I think when I alight at Grand Terminal in Lucena there were only four passengers left and all alighted first.

It was three in the morning when I arrive at Lucena Grand Terminal, there are already few passengers, maybe because it is vacation and holy week already. As I have been told by my older sister who already visited Maniwaya Island last year, they arrive around the same time as mine but left the terminal almost five in the morning because the van will wait for passengers or until the van is almost full. But us? we left right in time.

I was dropped at different point in Quezon. It seems that General Luna came before and much earlier and I was pretty much sleeping. The driver is kind enough to drop me on one of the terminals of van going back to Lucena and instruct the next driver to drop me at General Luna diversion and advice me not to fall asleep this time. WAHA! Anyway, they did not let me pay anymore. That was almost an hour back ride. Thank you, locals! Appreciate it much.

Arriving at diversion I took a tricycle going to the port. There were some morions preparing for a parade I think. And I feel sad for not being able to see the famous Moriones Festival in mainland.

It was around eight in the morning when I arrive at the port. Waiting game starts for the first boat that goes to Maniwaya Island leaves at ten in the morning. It's a passenger boat and fare is 150 pesos for one way.

Boat travel time is almost an hour and half. It's a quick and peaceful journey. No big waves on that part.

After I settle down things, pitching my tent, and ask for additional information, I doze-off that afternoon. I haven't had enough sleep I guess, plus I'll be staying for how many nights in the island so no point of rushing anything, after all, I'm here to just chill.

When I woke up, I had this urge to drink a bottle of beer, I bring my own, you see, I almost bring everything, it saves me much, it doesn't matter if I am loaded with heavy backpack, it's much easier than to splurge a little more. I'm on budget trip so that's why.

After my senses came back (sleep got me, you know), I decided to walk on the farthest side of the beach, it was a long stretch of white sand around the corner and everything looks peaceful and breathtaking.

I am never this alone that I felt so good in all of my solo travel. The place is perfect for procrastination and just enjoy your own company while admiring the view. This gotta be one of my favorite solo travel.

Walking to the other side of the island took much time than I expected, little did I know, my favorite part of the day is about to happen in any minute so I walk back to my resort but before I reach my resort, sun was about to set, so I just sat there and wait for it.

The color of the surroundings is much more appealing and full of colors when you are on the place. It's as if you are inside of a beautiful painting. The color that speaks so many emotions and feelings.

I don't mind spending my remaining life watching sunset by myself, really. It is one of the most beautiful scene. Yepp, I am being biased, I am such a sunset person.

That first night was spectacular because of the view. After the sunset. I ate some bread and peanut butter and doze-off again. 

It was a long night and I can already see the moon is about to be full. Excited for the next day!

If there's no videoke singing up until midnight my sleep would be solemn, but all good still, I plan on waking up the next day to catch a sunrise!

Sometimes, I have this feeling if I am being two timer with the sun. HAHA! Kidding aside, its just, I love sunset so much but seeing sunrise like this is I don't know, guess can't find the right words to say. Huh? Who will not be in love with this view anyway? 

I walked fast to catch the sunrise on the other side of the island. On my way to General Luna port I was mesmerize by the sunrise already but didn't get a chance to take a photo of it because I was inside the van. But good thing about it is that I get to enjoy the view without being bothered if I take a good shot of it or not. Ya feel me? So I said to myself that the next morning I will not let it pass without taking at least one photo of it. So here it is. 

Knowing night before that I will not be able to visit the famous Palad Sandbar and the Rock Formation, I know my fate for the whole day. I decided to have an early dip in the water and just chill for the rest of the day and of course sleep.

The water in Maniwaya Island is clear but there are some seaweeds nearby, I heard from one of the locals passing by that it is some of the locals who plants it there, not sure if it's true or what. There are stones so be careful when you go on swimming. The water is clean nonetheless.

It was so hot that day that I end up sleeping on the sand under a shed of tree all by myself. Even though the water is so inviting the sun will kill you to death. 

Afternoon arrives I go back to my tent and grab some halo-halo then order some vegetables meal and have a small talk with the owners of the place and ask for some information because I plan on visiting the mainland and see Moriones Festival. When I am planning my Project 81, I said to myself that the moment I will visit Marinduque is the time when it is Moriones Festival. After all, I am already in Marinduque why not splurge a little more.

The owner of Wawie's resort is kind enough to help me go to Sta. Cruz port with their own boat. They will be fetching some guests on Buyabod Port and invite me to ride with the boat for free. Aaaah!! Thank you so much!

I am so excited for the full moon. But before that, sunset before full moon is much more different than the usual sunset. The first photo above are taken during this time.

It is my first time to be on the beach during this time of the moon so I browse over the internet to look for some tips on how to take a good shot of the moon.

Good thing I was able to find one and I am loving the result.

After admiring the moon I plan on sleeping because I need to wake up the next day to go to mainland. Again, there were guests who sings loud until midnight. Good thing I am really that sleepy for I was able to sleep immediately.

My own shot of full moon that night. First time to do it and ugr love the outcome!

Morning view in Maniwaya Island is so perfect with the moon still up in the sky. The colors are so wonderfully made. Clearly, these images are perfectly seen on beach and on the mountains. I am glad I did this trip for it is really a food for soul. I get to relax and enjoy my own company and just you know shut everyone for a while and to just enjoy the moment.

My 10th solo travel in Maniwaya Island dated last April 9-13 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.

I have an organize trip to Maniwaya Island this May 6-7 PM me for details :)

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