Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp in Gubat Sorsogon

by - Sunday, April 09, 2017

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Because there is more to Sorsogon than the Ordinary.

I can't believe I am writing this just now, given my love to this place.

Kuya Noli, whom I didn't asked for his name until we've met face to face, was the person answering my queries on their facebook account and been texting and whose been replying to my every questions. Makulit talaga ako minsan, matanong, but that is because I am travelling alone, so I need if not all most of the essential details for my trip.

He told me to text him when I'm already at Sorsogon City and that he will picks me up at the town proper of Gubat. The camp is 10-15 minutes away or less. I'm coming from my solo backpacking in Catanduanes.

It is not my first time to go on solo travel but every place I've been to feels like solo traveling is new to me. Maybe because provinces are all different from each and people I meet are all different as well. But stepping on this little paradise feels a lot different far from the usual.

Honestly, the camp is not the first option on my list on where I'll stay for a night. I reconsider it because it is much cheaper and lies near the landmarks I will visit: the Barcelona and the Bulusan. You see, I only have overnight to visit those places so I need a better place to stay; an easy access to those places. To cut it short, my second option makes the best option. Not only I did discover a good place but I get to meet good people too.

When I step into the camp I got mesmerize by the ambiance, solitude is clearly there, but I was too busy thinking about the places I need to visit right away, for this stay happens to be just you know passing by and all and no intention of staying for long. But I was wrong. I actually neglect them for a while.

When my things are all nestled on one of the nipa huts in the camp I grab my small bag, put inside my camera, my notes, my wallet, and head straight to Bulusan. Funny but I didn't get to Bulusan Lake for some reason. Will narrate it on my Bulusan post.

I go out of the camp twice simply because I haven't got off at Barcelona the first time.

When I got back from Barcelona, I head to the beach sit on the corner and continue writing. I can see some other guests playing on the waves, do some surfing, some are talking with local surfers, there are dogs everywhere, one or two keep following me and sits beside me, I really don't mind a dog companion, really.

It was after I take a quick shower that I got hungry when I head to their kitchen and asked for food and that is the time where I was joined by other guests who are also traveling alone.

Joey(whom I constantly have communication as we speak) and the other Australian guy (okay I am not really sure, basta foreigner, I know, signs of ageing), they were the first solo traveler I met on this Project 81 of mine and it is kind of new to me because I haven't met anyone at all except from the locals I made friends with. So I'm grateful because it is not that bad and it is actually kind of I don't know unexplainable feeling. So happy and overwhelmed for this another experience I had.

The night has been so long on my stay in this camp. The food is great and of course I always try "sisig" on every provinces I visit and theirs are a must with a beer of course and a good conversation with one of the guest, Joey. You know that feeling when everything feels like home?

Me and Joey joined the local surfers who are enjoying some drinks and little chitchat with the foreigner traveler too. I got again mesmerize by their stories and how passionate they all are when it comes to surfing and helping the young ones through surfing. It is not all the time you get to know people with such passion as abundant as that. And from that moment on I know I fell in love with the place and told myself that I will support their camp in any possible way I can.

Taken almost sunset

I didn't get to try surfing. I leave next morning right away. But I plan on coming back and experience their wave.

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