Splurge VS Save

by - Sunday, July 13, 2014

If you're one of my closest friend you know that when I want something really bad I'll make sure to have it esp if its a dress. But since I just finished my college and really no source of allowances anymore I can't save up and buy the things I want. I started doing online business again but it can't cover much of my expenses. I am that huh?

Anyway, I've been eyeing this kind dress that's been a craze this past months. The Comic Style Dress. I am a fan of comics and the like and when they turned it into dress I can't withstand it til I have one on my own.

Forever21 has been my favorite boutique of all. When I was still at college this is the store where you will usually see me hanging around and of course half of my closet are from Forever21 too. Luckily, my mom and my older sister are also fond of their items so when they are buying for themselves I end up having one or two item that they've bought for me. Great isn't? But since I graduated and my older sister got so many bills to pay and this dress suddenly can't get out of my head.

I saw this on ebay and it costs for about $49.50 and just like that I know I can't afford it. Its a forever21 brand a marvel comics maven Spider-Man bodycon dress. Perfect isn't? Too bad I ain't got some breads to buy it.

And then owning one has been a dream only. Yes. That's how I felt, really. I've been seeing same dress different comic style but still too pricey for me. Asking for my mom and my sister is a no no and i won't elaborate much further.

But luckily, since I'm into online business again where I sell different kinds of clothes and accessories I jump into this so called Victory Mall at Monumento here in the Philippines where I found this superb dress. At first I wasn't able to buy it because I haven't had spare money that day since what I have only are for my business but decided to come back for it. And yes, I was able to buy it. 

This is the design of the dress. Lovely isn't? :D I know it's a little or way more different but still its a comic style dress not a marvel maybe but gorgeous one! And when I wear it all my friends are complimenting and asking me where I bought it and wanted to have one for themselves too! And the catch? I only bought it for only $7.8!! Yes that cheap huh? 4 times saves up!

I decided to pair it with my aztec flats and my tangerine satchel bag. Print on Print it is. So what do you think?


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  1. Nice blog post!
    Have a nice day.


  2. Ellie, I like this one that you purchased more as the style and cut is cuter and looks really great on you... fabulous deal :)

  3. What a fantastic dress and how cool that you got it for such a great price!


  4. Stunning dress - you look great in it :-)

  5. Adore your dress, its so fun and absolutely adorable. I appreciate your great comment, have a creative week ahead hun!

  6. Beautiful dress Ellie, so pretty !



  7. OMG!! I love both of them!! I want one now!!


Thanks for the wonderful message!