Tagaytay Zipline Adventure

by - Friday, July 11, 2014

It's adventure time again with my friends. This time we did Zipline and it's one great of an adventure and will definitely be doing it again. 

It's my friends birthday treat and we go all the way from Bulacan to Tagaytay for this. It's just a five of us since others won't make it but we really had a good day. See photos below!

There's an entrance fee of 50 per head I just don't know how much for now.

Pong, Neng, and Me

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This is the view and the course we need to pass.

Aside from the zipline there are so many exciting activities you can do at Tagaytay picnic grove plus they have a scenic view and fresh breeze.

After at picnic grove we visit a nearby church.

And off to eat at this famous eatery

We decided to sleep over at the hotel but some inevitable things appear so we went home instead and sleep at my friends house. It was a beautiful and awesome trip and will definitely be doing it again!


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  1. It looks like you guys had fun! The fish in those pictures look so yummy :)

    xo Azu


  2. picnic grove is such a nice place to visit. i am not sure why hindi ako nag-zipline nung nag-visit kami (maybe i was wearing a skirt or something) but my brothers and cousin did and I was so nainggit. haha. siguro i'll ride the zipline in our next visit. :) i can vividly remember na may mga foreigners nung nag-visit kami sa picnic grove and sobrang nakakatuwa lang kasi kitang kita mo na ang saya saya nila. paulit-ulit pa sa zipline. hahaha :))))

    xoxo, rae

  3. That's a super fun b'day trip
    Keep in touch ,

  4. Ellie the pictures are amazing ... I'm happy you were able to zip line...I'm going in August and I can barely wait ♡

    All in all it looks like you had a great time ♡

  5. Oh wow! Looks amazing! Awesome photos :-D

  6. it is such a exciting experience. love that, wana try :) .
    come and visit my latest post

  7. Cool pics....


  8. Your vacation there seems really nice, I am planning to there, but I have to find tagaytay hotel first.


Thanks for the wonderful message!