A Day Trip to Binurong Point, Catanduanes

by - Sunday, May 06, 2018

It's amazing how places can be so similar with each other. How a certain paradise has its same version somewhere around the globe. With Batanes giving us hard time to witness and visits its beauty, there are some places alternative to that. (Though now, there are much cheaper flights to Batanes.)

Given the fact about Batanes, discoveries of different places captures travel enthusiasts and the likes when they've found similar landscapes like of Batanes, there's Batanes of The West, Batanes of The East, and Batanes of The South.

Batanes of The South is located in Catanduanes. The so-called Binurong Point is now gaining fame because of its similarities with Batanes. Though I've never been to Batanes myself so I cannot really attest to this but what can I attest is that Binurong Point has its own beauty and charm that you must see.

What I love about Binurong Point is that, like Batanes, its hard to visit too. Don't get me wrong, people nowadays thrash precious places they've been visiting. Not to general all who travels but the thrash that's been left behind by most of the tourists now are alarming. And this kind of paradise should be kept hidden and saved from all of those who will just makes this paradise a paradies. That's why whenever I organize trips I always make it a point to introduce eco-friendly travel to my joiners and friends.

With that being said, Binurong Point is located in Catanduanes, a province in Bicol Region that requires butt-numbing bus land travels and a boat ride and another land travel and then a hike to get to see this view.

Bicol Region has been my favorite region in Luzon. They have everything that I crave for in such a place. The landscapes, the view, the rock formations, the waves, those surfing spots, the locals, the kind-hearted welcome from certain group of people that will forever be my family in the south.

Binurong Point is certainly one of those must-see landscapes out there but we all must protect it and nurture and leave it as is if we want the future generations to see these beauty too.

More photos below!

This was taken during my organize trip last year. We're going back to Catanduanes this June! And we are inviting you guys to join us on this trip. You can always reach us on our facebook page. Link on the right side bar. :)

Happy eco-friendly travel guys!

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